Maybe this is a sign? Announced today on Instagram, actor Jason Momoa revealed that he would be stepping down from The Crow reboot film. In the statement, he admitted that the film wasn’t ready for it’s planned 2019 release. Though things don’t seem to be that sour with the actor and the production company.

Holding what appears to be concept art of Momoa in the role, the actor shared his disappointment. This was a dream nearly a decade in the making for the Game of Thrones and Justice League actor. He apologized to the director of the film, Corin Hardy, as well as the comic creator James O’Barr.

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“I’ve waited 8 years to play this dream role. I love you [Corin Hardy] and [Sony Pictures] unfortunately I may have to wait 8 more. Not our team. But I swear I will. James O’Barr sorry to let you down I won’t on the next. This film needs to be set free. And to the fans. Sorry. I can’t play anything but what this film deserves and it needs love. I’m ready when it’s right. Love u Corin aloha j”

The reboot has been plagued with problems including the director of the original film saying a reboot was disrespectful to late actor Brandon Lee. But according to THR, financial issues seem to be what’s really holding the film back. It’s unclear if the project has been completely scrapped but it seems impossible for a October 2019 release date when the star has stepped down. I’m partially with the director Alex Proyas, do we really need this film rebooted? But if anyone could take the role on, it’d be Momoa. But we’ll see!

What do you think of the news? Are you sad to see Momoa go? Let us know! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more movie news. The Crow reboot is currently scheduled to release on October 11th, 2019. We’ll see Momoa next in Aquaman, debuting December 21, 2018.




Erin Lynch