Another year, another time to celebrate the legacy of Star Wars. May the 4th, while being one of the best puns ever, is a time for fans to celebrate the beloved franchise and all it’s done for them. One of the strongest aspects of the series is the characters. We all have favorites and we all have ones we love or even just admire. Since A New Hope turns 41 this year, we’ve decided to share 41 characters we love from the series.

The list is not in any order in particular but just a fun list to show off the characters we’ve all come to love (or maybe even love to hate). If there’s a character we missed that you think should be highlighted, let us know!

1 – Obi-Wan Kenobi

Mentor, Jedi Master, Mullet-wearer. Obi-Wan is the second most important character in both original and prequel trilogy, no question. His successes and failures with his padawan Anakin and Anakin’s son Luke made a huge impact on the entire galaxy.

2- Qui-Gon Jinn

A somewhat rebel within the Jedi Order, Qui-Gon used his intuition first before adhering to the rules of the Order. Because of this, he was able to bring the best and worst Jedi to join their ranks. Would things have been different if Qui-Gon survived? We may never know.

3 – Leia Organa 

Politician, Revolutionary, Princess, General. What in the galaxy wasn’t touched by her influence? She’s was a center member of the Rebellion and founded the Resistance to continue her fight. A true role model for women all over the galaxy.

4 – Han Solo

The smuggler turned general, Han Solo stole all our hearts with his swagger and charm. He had become prominent in the Rebellion but went back to smuggling when his son struggled. Is there anyone in the galaxy that doesn’t know his name?

5 – Luke Skywalker

Our hero. Luke was a simple farm boy with big dreams. He got wrapped up in the Rebellion and with his power in the Force, he helped save the galaxy from the tyranny of the Empire. Though he stopped using the Force and became a recluse, he’s always a hero.

6 – Lando Calrissian

The smoothest man in the galaxy. Once a prolific smuggler, he turned his mind to business, eventually running Cloud City. He has a past with Han Solo that results in him also being caught up in the Rebellion. No one is as cool as he is.

7 – Darth Vader

Anakin Skywalker was “The Chosen One”, set to bring balance to the Force – or so the prophecy told. Trained in the Jedi arts, the young man found he couldn’t adhere to the laws of the Order, especially when it came to love. So he joined the Dark Side and became Darth Vader – one of the most powerful Force users in the galaxy and a force of nature. His name was met with shuddering in fear. His actions shaped decades of tyranny.

8 – Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin

Tarkin rose in the ranks of the Empire with his cunning. He started his career in the Republic but stayed on to serve the Galactic Empire as a Governor of the Outer Rim. He was given oversight on the construction of the Death Star, later bringing massive death and destruction with the massive weapon.

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9 – Jabba the Hutt

A mobster with a large family and reputation. He did whatever he needed to get what he wanted. We waited years to see him, and it was well worth it. And luckily for all of galaxy, he died by the chains he used on others.

10 – Padme Amidala

Queen at a young age, senator into adulthood, she was a caring politician that did what was best for her people. She was loved by many and Naboo lost it’s strongest supporter with her passing. And Anakin lost his love.

11 – Rey

A scavenger with a heart of gold. After giving a very important droid shelter, she was tangled up in the world of the Resistance and First Order. Her complicated relationship with Kylo Ren will continue to have effects on the galaxy. Who can dislike this girl from Jakku?

12 – Finn

Stormtrooper turned ‘big deal’, Finn followed his heart to do the right thing. While he originally ran from his oppressors, he stood up and faced them head on, earning his title of ‘big deal’ for his bravery. I’ll say he’s the bravest character in the galaxy.

13 – Kylo Ren

Being the son and grandson of legends is a hard thing to deal with. And with the bloodline he was given, he struggled with his emotions and powers, eventually falling to the Dark side. He never seems inherently evil, just a lost soul trying to figure out what he truly wants. 

14 – Darth Sidious

The galaxy watched him rise into power, going from ‘humble’ Chancellor to Emperor, ruling over the galaxy with an iron fist. He twisted Anakin’s mind until he fell to the Dark side, but was eventually defeated by him.

15 – Chewbacca

A powerful Wookiee warrior with a life long friendship with Han Solo. His playful (sometimes aggressive) nature and kind heart makes him an invaluable member of any team he’s a part of. 

16 – Poe Dameron

The hot-headed pilot who sassed back to Kylo Ren, got a slap from Leia, and has become the greatest pilot in the Resistance. His brash actions caused massive causalities but he’s learning to become the leader he’s destined to be. 

17 – Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka trained under Anakin Skywalker before leaving the Jedi Order for good. Her strong relationship with him came to a head when she discovered Anakin had become Vader. She’s braced her new destiny – helping the Rebellion and especially the Ghost crew.

18 – Biggs Darklighter

Luke Skywalker’s best friend joined the Rebellion after defecting from the Imperial Academy. He trained to be a pilot and flew in the Battle of Yavin, saving lives of the galaxy from the Empire. Not to mention, he had a pretty sweet moustache.

19 – Hera Syndulla

Captain and pilot of the Ghost, she was an early revolutionary in the fight against the growing threat of the Empire. Her contributions to the Rebellion cause eventually got their attention and they  eventually promoted her to General. 

20 – Chirrut Imwe

A Guardian of the Whills, he was deeply religious in his belief in the Force. A chance encounter led him to work with the Rebellion in retrieving the Death Star plans. He is one with the Force, and the Force is with him.

21 – Jyn Erso

Daughter of Galen Erso, she did her best to survive in the galaxy after she was abandoned by everyone she cared for. She decided to face the Empire and successfully spat in their faces which led to the Rebellion’s first real victory.

22 – Rose Tico

A young Resistance fighter, Rose uses her heart and her loyalty above all else. Because of that, she was able to change the mind of a stubborn former Stormtrooper and help save the Resistance.

23 – Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo

Holdo was a polarizing character for certain members of the crew, but her brilliant tactics helped save the Resistance to escape certain doom. She even made the ultimate sacrifice to give them just a chance of surviving. 

24 – Captain Phasma

This hard as nails Captain dominated in her position, leading her troopers with ruthless methods. But she was really only loyal to herself, with her going out of the way for self-preservation. And you did not want to be on her way.

25 – Dexter Jettster

A friend of Obi-Wan and a clear fan of Earth’s 1950s diners, this alien has left us with a ridiculous name and an unintential hilarious entry in the Star Wars franchise.


26 – R2D2

The sassy droid who isn’t afraid to speak his mind. A fierce fighter and companion to the galaxy’s greatest heroes. He’s a hero to droids and deserved a medal as well as Chewbacca.

27 – C3PO

The protocol droid who speaks his mind far too much and a dictionary definition of a ‘worry wart. Despite that, he journeys with his friends into peril, helping the universe again and again.

28 – BB-8

Hero. Friend. Loyal companion. He has helped the Resistance more than any droid, helping all our heroes with a positive attitude. It’s hard not to fall for his charms.

29 – Cassian Andor

At a young age, he was forced to fight against the Empire and their injustices. He joined the Rebellion and had to do the dirty work that many in the Rebellion may not know about. He forgo an order to help save his new friend Jyn Erso.

30 – K2SO

A reprogrammed Imperial droid, he developed a personality and remained loyal to his friend Cassian. Though he may not like many others, he helps the crew of Rogue One steal the Death Star plans.

31 – Mon Mothma

A senator who became one of the faces of the Rebellion and was it’s political architect. With the victory over the Empire, she created the New Republic and became Chancellor, hoping for a better time and better government.

32 – Boba Fett

Born to be a bounty hunter, he became involved in the war between the Empire and Rebellion. He successfully captured Han Solo for Jabba while working with Vader to bring the Skywalkers to the Sith Lord. He’s left a legacy.

33 – Salacious B. Crumb

Court jester and companion to Jabba the Hutt, this monkey-lizard kept his master entertained until their demise. He was known for a shrill, goofy laugh that echoed throughout the halls.

34 – Orson Krennic

Ambitious in his position, he worked his way up and gained favor of the Empire by helping create the super weapon Death Star. He commanded his advanced weapon until Tarkin took it over. He died by his own creation.

35 – Wedge Antellies

As a formidable pilot, he was able to fight in every major battle for the Rebellion. Becoming a highly respected fighter, he continued his career by helping the New Republic and eventually becoming a flight instructor.

36 – Yoda

Arguably most knowledgeable Jedi, the Master taught many students the ways of the Force. Through his failures with the Jedi Order, he went into isolation – only to be found by the one man who could defeat Darth Vader.

37 – Admiral Gial Ackbar

A strong revolutionary leader all the way back to the Clone Wars, the Mon Calamari fought his entire life, helping to free beings of all walks of life. From the Clone Wars to the Resistance, it’s not a trap to say he was well respected.

38 – Wicket W. Warrick

His curiosity led him to save Leia and ultimately help defeat the Empire during the Battle of Endor. You could almost say they won the day because of the small and brave Ewok.

39 – Mace Windu

A firm believer in the Jedi Order, he let his confidence in it blind him to what he was doing towards the end of the Republic. He even tangled in political affairs which helped bring upon his downfall at the hands of Darth Sidious.

40 – Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus

The second apprentice to Darth Sidious, Dooku was trained a Jedi under the tutelage of Yoda. He became disillusioned with the government due to the corruption infesting it and left the Order. He mistakenly joined Sidious which led to his demise.

41 – Maz Kanata

Over a millennia old, she became known as the Pirate Queen due to her allowing smugglers into her castle, like Han Solo. She collected an assortment of trinkets and kept them in her vaults, including a lost lightsaber that once belonged to Anakin Skywalker.

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What do you think of our Star Wars list? Which characters made the biggest influence on you? Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more Star Wars fun and May the 4th Be With You, Always.

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This article was originally published 5/4/18 – Star Wars 41st anniversary