Geek Girl Authority has a simple mission: to provide a welcoming space for good old-fashioned nerdy fun within the Geek Culture and Pop Culture Universes. Though, as the name implies, we were founded by women, we are by no means exclusive. We seek inclusivity and encourage a variety of voices for the site and benefit greatly from those varied perspectives. All we ask is that our contributors be excited to geek out on just about everything. We encourage passion, knowledge and conversation on the topics which are important to all of us.

Since 2014, GGA has been a grassroots, independent site for fans by fans. We’re not gatekeepers, we’re fan positive! Need to know about Star Trek, we’ll tell you what episodes to watch. Need to know about She-Hulk, we’ll tell you which comic books issues to read. Need Star Wars content, we got you. Need to know what shows to watch, we cannot wait to share ideas with you. We live to spread fandom joy.

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We’re looking for new contributors to Geek Girl Authority. We need coverage in all areas including breaking news, science, reviews, interviews, op-ed pieces and television recaps. We love folks with a strong point of view, geek knowledge, pop culture knowledge and joyful interest in their favorite television shows, movies, literature, web content and podcasts. If interested, you can find more information, here

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