Plot of Unsolved Murders

Calling all true crime fans! Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories is a drama podcast with a modern twist on spooky old time radio shows. Every Tuesday, hosts Carter Roy and Wenndy Mackenize go in depth on an actual cold cases and, thanks to their ensemble of voice actors to add dramatization in between the discussion, makes you feel like you’re listening to your favorite true crime show.  Some cases more well known like Jack the Ripper or The Zodiac Killerto small town murders that are surrounded by incredibly mysterious circumstances or wrapped up in conspiracy. And at the end of each case (lasting usually 2-3 episodes) Carter and Wenndy give their opinions on who the killer or killers are based on the available information. 

Review of Unsolved Murders

Now, normally I don’t find many true crime podcasts that interesting, let alone binge worthy. Nine times out of ten it’s just a couple hosts with dry voices, recycling information and clearly reading from a script. The voice actors behind Unsolved Murders really add to the already charming hosts, making for an exceedingly captivating program. My favorite part of the whole production is the voices of our elegant hosts (Wenndy is my favorite, just saying) that are like that extra cup of coffee one needs to get through their commute to work. They leave no stone unturned with each investigation, give the right amount of sass and even manage to get a chuckle out of me every now and then. Of course my humor is on the darker side so maybe I’m biased. Either way, I urge you true crime fans to consider giving this podcast. The episodes are all in the same format so it doesn’t matter what episode you start with but I would suggest first time listeners starting with the Edger Allen Poe case (episodes 17 & 18) or the Lizzie Borden case (episodes 23 & 24) just to see how the show functions on a case you might be familiar with. Afterwards, I guarantee you’ll want to start from the beginning. Listen to them whereever you hear your favorite podcasts! You can check them out online at


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Fallon Marie Gannon