The list of things I love in this world is pretty much endless and you can bet Disney and Dungeons and Dragons rank pretty high on this list. So it was almost a no brainer that I would instantly fall in love with Damsels Dice and Everything Nice. This live play D&D 5th edition game that brings together our favorite Disney princesses as they become their own heroines one role at a time. The very first episode was released on January 1st to kick off the new year. Belle (Kailey Bray)Β leads this group of rag tag princesses through a rather quick trip to deliver some delicious treats to grandma’s house. Along the way they encounter the big bad wolf who really was just a bit hungry.

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The cast includes fourteen princess from all different kinds of work. They have a pretty good mix of classes that oddly fit each of them quite well. Mulan (Emmy Ross) is the team’s monk. Leia (Saige Ryan) is a light paladin who will totally bring the force with her. Snow White (Joanna Bert) is going to be using her powerful vocals as the group’s singing cleric.Β Ariel (Blythe Kala) and Anna (Laura Long) are the team’s bards after beating Snow in a roll off for the job. Ariel of course has given up her voice for legs so will be casting spells via her white board. Rupunzel (Lexcee Riley) and Kida (Cynthia Marie) are the front line fighters with frying pans equipped. Cinderella (Rowan Hall) and Jasmine (Rachna Sukuru) plan to sneak around as the teams rogues. Hopefully Cinderella left her glass slippers at home for this adventure. Tiana (Joanna Ogun) is the team’s shape shifting druid who has already planned on becoming a gator! Tiger Lily (Mollie Wilson) and Merida (Arlene Tanner) are taking over the long range attacks as the team’s rangers. Auroa (Kallye Tristan) and Meg (Jessica Lynn Parsons) round out the team as the sorcerer and wizard.

You can catch old and new episodes on their youtube channel here. Also don’t forget to follow Damsels Dice and Everything Nice on twitter, website, and Instagram to keep up with all the upcoming news. You can also help support these amazing ladies on their epic quest by donating on their Indiegogo! I have a really good feeling that this is going to become one of my favorite Dungeons and Dragons campaigns ever.


Julia Roth
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