The Runaways encountered a new threat…a dirty cop who goes by the name Awol (Myles Bullock).  Awol took over as PRIDE’s enforcer and is on a mission to bring the kids home.  He took Alex’s (Rhenzy Feliz) friend Livvi (Ajiona Alexus) as a hostage. Livvi knows where the runaways are.  Alex took her to the mansion to meet his friends.  Now Livvi sits in an abandoned warehouse being questioned by Awol.  He threatens her family and Livvi has no choice but to talk. 

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Face Off

At the mansion, Old Lace is sick and it has somehow transferred her illness to Gert (Ariela Barer).   They have to get them help. Alex wants to try and find a diagnosis online before risking exposure in the real world.  Chase (Gregg Sulkin) sits with him and he brings up the whole Awol situation.  Alex explains that he wanted to make his parents’ pay for Darius’ (DeVaughn Nixon) murder, but instead, he lost Livvi and his friends.  

An alarm goes off in the house. Someone tripped the motion sensors that Alex put up.  They look at the security cameras and see Awol’s strike team approaching.  Awol pulls Livvi out of a car. The kids know that she led them to the mansion.  Nico (Lyrica Okano) puts up a spell to camouflage the house. At first, Awol thinks Livvi is messing with them until one of his guys finds a hidden camera. Awol starts talking to Alex, telling him and his friends to come out or he will kill Livvi and her family.

Upper Hand

Chase Stein (Gregg Sulking) shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond / Hulu)

Chase gets scared.  They are trapped in the house. Gert and Old Lace are sick.  Nico has never held a spell for very long and starts to waver. And Alex is being irrational, wanting to go outside and save Livvi. Awol demands the tape implicating him in Darius’ murder. Alex grabs the tape and heads for the door. Molly (Allegra Acosta) grabs Alex and holds him down. 

Chase takes over the negotiations with Karolina (Virginia Gardner).  They find out that Awol is working with PRIDE now.  Chase tries to work with Awol, saying that they will give him the tape for Livvi.  Awol now wants Nico to bring the tape.  Nico is having a hard time holding the spell. The rest of the kids discuss their next move. Alex has calmed down and says Livvi is the only leverage he has over them. So he won’t harm her.  Awol gets impatient and tazes Livvi, threatening to kill her again. Alex says Awol holds the cards because he has a hostage.  They need a hostage of their own.

Losing Your Light

Frank (Kip Pardue) tries to talk to Leslie (Annie Wershingagain about closing the church.  He finds her throwing away church documents.  Frank is scared. He says he needs the church and Leslie is being irrational. She tells him that she wants to be a family again.  He has to choose, the church or family. He can’t have both.

Aura (Patricia Lentzand Frances (Heather Oltmeet with Leslie, happy that she would turn to them in her time of need.  Leslie tells them that the church is a scam so she is shutting it down.  They get angry and ask to speak to Jonah, but he’s gone.  Aura and Frances get up to leave, saying Leslie won’t succeed in dismantling the church.  They say the church is the people, not the leadership.

Scrambled Brains

Victor (James Marsters) is finishing up a device he calls a brain scrambler.  It prevents a person…Nico…from finding the words she needs to cast a spell.  Janet (Ever Carradine) expresses her concern, saying the device could cause permanent brain damage. Victor says he understands her concern, but they need to get their kids back.  

Janet turns to leave and knocks over a glass, causing it to break. She gets nervous, saying she will clean it up immediately.  Victor tells her to relax and throws another glass on the floor.  He kisses her and they start taking off their clothes. After their lovemaking, Victor returns to the lab and is appalled by the condition. He asks Janet what happened, not remembering the last hour.  Janet suggests that he see someone about possible brain damage. 

Trap Door

Livvie (Ajiona Alexus) shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond / Hulu)

Alex comes up with a plan, but it involves getting Gert and Old Lace up.  Chase tries to pep talk the two up, but it doesn’t work. Molly takes over and picks them both up to move to the car. Nico is barely holding on.  When Alex gives the signal, she lets down the shield. 

The Rolls drives away and Awol thinks all of the kids are in the car.  Alex appears at the top of the hill. Awol pulls a gun on Alex, walking up the hill toward him.  Alex tells Awol to follow him and he jumps back into the hill.  Awol uses a rope to jump in after Alex.  Nico puts up another spell, this time it’s a fortress.  Awol falls to the floor. 

The kids put Awol in the straight jacket and tie him to a chair. As soon as he wakes up, he starts taunting them.  He says they don’t know what real power is.  Their parents have real power because they have money.  He threatens them again, saying what he does to them will be nothing compared to what he’s going to do to Livvi. 

Alex knocks him on his back. He says Awol talks a lot when he’s scared.  Alex has a modified fisticon that he holds to Awol’s face and starts hurting Awol.  Alex smiles while he’s doing this, causing Molly and Karoline to have to pull him off.  He snaps out of his killer trance and runs away.

Think Straight

Karolina goes after him and tells Alex that it’s up to them to fix what is happening.  She needs him to think straight.  Awol called them kids and Karolina agrees. They aren’t killers.  Alex says they may have to make some tough decisions.  Karolina can’t even begin to think of using her powers to kill someone.  Alex says if they want to stay together, they may have to kill a few people to do it. 

Nico is getting weaker and Awol tells her to let go because she’s not strong enough.  Molly counters, telling Nico that she believes in her.  Nico says there’s something wrong. She can feel the staff scratching at her skin.  Awol starts yelling at Nico to let go and Karolina blasts him.  Alex puts a walkie to Awol’s face, telling him to make his men stand down.  Awol does as he’s told.  Nico says she can’t hold on.  And Alex is okay with that because they are going to let the strike team in. 

Help Wanted

Chase left the mansion with Gert and Old Lace. He goes to the only people that he knows that can help them both.  Gert’s parents.  Gert wakes up in their lab and they are so happy to see her. Stacy (Brigid Brannagh) exams Gert while Dale (Kevin Weismanthanks Chase for bringing her home.  Stacy removes her glasses and grabs a syringe.  Dale has no idea what she is doing, so he’s a little freaked out when Stacy admits she poisoned Old Lace. 

Stacy sent out the drone that sprayed poison in the air. She has the antidote and prepares to give it to Gert. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have enough for Old Lace.  Chase stops her, telling them that Old Lace got sick first and Gert’s symptoms are psychosomatic. Dale realizes that they have to give the antidote to Old Lace.  He takes the syringe and injects the dinosaur. 

Disturbing Behavior

Janet Stein (Ever Carradine), Tina Minoru (Brittany Ishibabshi) shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond / Hulu)

Tina arrives to examine the weapons. She starts rambling about metal and how awesome it is. Janet tells her that Victor has been blacking out.  Tina turns the conversation sexual and is amused by how uncomfortable Janet is.  Janet voices her concerns about using the weapons. Tina says the weapons aren’t scary if you know how to use them. 

Tina (Brittany Ishibashitries to show Janet how to stand when using the brain scrambler. She gets really handsy, making Janet more uncomfortable.  Janet gets angry and leaves the lab.  Victor walks in while Tina laughs at Janet.  He says Tina’s name as a question. She turns to face him and simply says “No.” She says his name, asking if he’s truly Victor.  He says “No.”  They hug each other as if they haven’t seen each other in a long time.  

Hostile Takeover

Alex gags Awol and the kids set up a fortress around the stairs.  Alex tells them not to attack the strike team first.  Wait until they are in position and Nico will take their guns.  While they deal with the strike team, Molly will go outside and save Livvi.

They are ready so Alex tells Nico to let go. The hide in the fortress as the strike team moves in and releases Awol.  He tells them where the kids are and to be careful. Alex calls for Nico to take the guns, but she is too weak and collapses.  Molly runs outside, while Alex and Karolina pick up Nico and take her upstairs.  Alex has on a fisticon and shoots at the strike team to hold them back.  As soon as they get into a room, Awol leads the strike team upstairs.

Molly saves Livvi and they wait to go back into the mansion.  Alex and Karolina lay Nico on the floor and prepare to meet the strike team.  Awol kicks in the door and Nico goes dark. Her body rises, but she’s still unconscious.  She reaches for her staff and opens her eyes. There is a burnt like purple shadow around her eyes. She screams for the strike team to get out. The ground starts to shake.  Awol and the strike team disappears, leaving only their guns and clothes behind.  Nico returns to normal and lets go of the staff.  Molly and Livvi join them asking what happened, but no one can explain it. 

Goodbyes and Reunions

Stacey Yorkes (Brigid Brannagh) shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond / Hulu)

Gert and Old Lace are better. She thanks Chase for saving them. They have to find a way out, but Chase refuses to think that they are prisoners.  He says Dale and Stacy are too nice, but Gert disagrees, calling her parents evil.  Chase suggests that now that they’ve seen Gert, maybe they will change their ways.  He goes to open the lab door and it’s locked from the other side.  Gert says people don’t change. 

Karolina puts Nico in bed.  Alex checks on Livvi.  She wants to know what happened to Awol and if he will return. No one knows.  Alex apologizes for everything that happened to Livvi’s family. He says she is safe now, but Livvi disagrees.  Alex tries to comfort her by saying he will protect her.  Livvi says it’s time for him to protect his family.  She will protect her own. Livvi says goodbye to Alex. 

Vaughn leads Leslie to meet with Frank at the church.  He puts her in a room full of people.  She laughs because it’s a reconditioning intervention.  Frank asks her to sit down, but she attempts to leave the room. Frank turned off her security clearance so she is trapped.  Vaughn (Cody Mayo) waits outside of the room and hears Leslie fighting back. 

Victor walks around town posting posters with strange symbols. The poster is a calling for the people who survived Jonah’s ship.  He tells them to seek out Victor Stein or Tina Minoru. They are eagerly awaiting their reunion.

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