Fellow New Jersians and fans of  Kevin Smith, find yourself a seat because I have some amazing news for you. The long awaited reboot for the cult classic Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is finally underway! Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes are reprising their roles as the slacker stoners that can be found in almost every Smith flick. It is great to see Kevin Smith back to doing what he does best. Last year was a rough one for him. After having a massive heart attack he really took his health seriously and did a complete 180. 

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Kevin Smith took to twitter on January 1st to announce that pre-production for the reboot was officially underway. Jordan Monsanto, Mewes, and himself all sat down to discuss the upcoming new year. Smith first teased the reboot back in 2017 with a simple image of a script titled, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, but not much else was said. The film is said to be a joke on reboots as the duo head back to Hollywood to stop a reboot of the Bluntman and Chronic movie they tried so desperately to stop in the first place. Some of the jokes were reworked, especially those regarding Silent Bob’s weight, but Smith promises we will be laughing from beginning to end. 

The tweet of the two working on New Year’s Day wasn’t the only thing Kevin put up. He also shared a small clip of himself dressed in his iconic Silent Bob outfit holding a rather large red balloon. The caption read, “HAPPY NEW YEAR! May you accomplish all the things you dream of doing (unless you dream of hurting people)! 2018 was the year that almost killed me, but 2019 will be the year of the REBOOT!” I am excited to see just what they have up their sleeves and how they are going to bring this iconic duo back.



Julia Roth
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