Welcome to Tavern Talk Thursday! We are expanding! What started as a column dedicated to chatting with members of the TTRPG community is growing to talk about all things TTRPG. We aim to continue sharing all the things we love about the community and all the content within. So, consider this a little peek into our favorite worlds and creators as we explore everything we love.

Here at the Tavern, we love Critical Role. The nerdy ass group of voice actors who have become a well-known name within the TTRPG community. And while they are well known for their three major campaigns, Vox Machina, The Mighty Nein and Hells Bells, they have a plethora of different specials ripe for binging. And if you have always wanted to start their series but are worried about the commitment to hours upon hours of episodes, we have a list of our favorite specials that will give you everything we love with Critical Role.

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Critical Role One-Shots to Binge

Mortal Kombat 1 One-Shot – Sindel VS The Realms

Our first Critical Role one-shot has to be their collaboration with the recent Mortal Kombat video game. Led by Marisha Ray, players Sam Riegel, Travis Willingham and special guests Noshir Dalal and Gina Darling on an epic-themed smackdown brawl. The one-shot uses Darrington Press’ Till the Last Grasp rules and is a hell of a good time with some pretty epic plot twists.

Guest Battle Royale

We really love battle royales for one-shots/specials, and Critical Role’s Guest Battle Royale is one of our favorites. If you have watched any of the campaigns, chances are you will know a few of the characters, but it isn’t necessary. Some of our favorite Exandria characters are here to participate in Garyon Garrington’s Plunder Games for a chance to win a Wish. Having Anjali Bhimani, Darin De Paul, Will Friedle, Sumalee Montano, and ND Stevenson at the table is worth watching.

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Generation Nord One-Shot

If you have ever had the chance to enjoy Sam Riegel’s ads for NordVPN, you know precisely how terrific he is. Now, just imagine an entire one-shot dedicated to it. If you love Riegel at the table as a player, get ready to see him as the gamemaster. He leads Laura Bailey, Aimee Carrero, Christian Navarro, Liam O’Brien, and Lou Wilson through the information superhighway. Plus, the absolutely incredible Matthew Lillard pops up for a special job only he can bring to life.

Vox Machina VS Mighty Nein

Like the other battle royale on this list, you do not have to watch either the first or second Critical Role campaign to enjoy this one-shot. It would be beneficial to at least know who the characters are and have watched it to understand some of the more wittier comments. However, do not let that stop you from watching this epic bloodbath. In fact, it might even be the one-shot that drives you to finally commit to enjoying the full campaigns.

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Call of Cthulhu: Shadow of the Crystal Palace

If you know anything about us, you know that we love spooky and supernatural adventures. So, of course, one of our favorite Critical Role one-shots is Call of Cthulhu: Shadow of the Crystal Palace. Led by the absolutely incredible goth king Taliesin Jaffe, our team of investigators, Marisha Ray, Erika Ishii, Phil LaMarr, Travis Willingham, Ashly Burch, and Liam O’Brien, on a spooky mystery. We know the spooky season is over, but nothing should stop you from lighting a fire, getting cozy and enjoying this one-shot right now.

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