Hello, fellow Bridgerton nerds! I know it seems like a life-time before we have season two to binge. But I promise you it will be on Netflix before we know it! But while you wait, I have compiled a list of romance book series you should read ASAP! These are all set in regency-London and have charm, laughs, drama and quite a bit of romance. I suggest tucking yourself in with a warm blanket, a glass of your favorite wine (if you are over 21, of course) and one of these series.

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Bridgerton Series – Julia Quinn

This seems pretty self-explanatory, but I highly suggest reading the novels that inspired the series. The first season followed the events of Julia Quinn‘s first novel, The Duke and I, but there are eight more! Season two comes straight from the pages of The Viscount Who Loved Me. Now I know Shonda Rhimes‘ has changed quite a bit and pulled from future novels within the series as well, but reading through each of the children’s novels is a real treat. Once you are done binging all eight children’s novels, then check out the prequel series!

The Wicked Winters – Scarlett Scott

When Devereaux Winter’s father passes away and leaves him his fortune, Dev thinks all will be alright. Expect that his family isn’t welcomed in fine society. With five sisters in need of good marriages, Dev decides he needs to find himself a wife who can guide them. The series follows Dev and his sisters as they find love at a Christmas party in the most unsuspecting circumstances. The Wicked Winters series from Scarlett Scott is full of charming men and headstrong women looking for everything except love. So, of course, the novels are full of them!

Spindle Cover – Tessa Dare

Spindle Cove is full of women that Eloise Bridgerton would be friends with. It may appear to others as a place ladies can step away from society and practice their needlework and learn to good wives for their future husbands. But it actually is a place for the bookish, the sky, the heartbroken, or even the misunderstood—a haven of sorts. So when men start popping up, you can only imagine the kind of trouble that ensues. Tessa Dare doesn’t shy away from strong-willed female characters and the cove is packed full of them.

Rules of Scoundrels – Sarah McLean

Sarah MacLean has quite a few series that should be added to your to-be-read list right away, but my favorite is the Rules of Scoundrels. It follows four partners that own one of London’s most notorious gaming hells. Each has a past that has removed them from polite society’s sitting rooms. But who really needs them when you make all the rules? Getting to see them have their redemption stories on their own terms is utterly satisfying. I can’t forget to mention that it is a breath of fresh air seeing a story that focuses less on high society and more on its outskirts.

The Ravenels – Lisa Kleypas

If you asked me what my favorite regency-romance series was, I would, without a doubt, say Lisa Kleypas’ Ravenels. This series follows Devon Ravenel, who learns that his brand new earldom doesn’t just come with a fancy (run down) house but three sisters and an enchanting widow. So now this ruthless scoundrel needs to turn his life around to help prep these girls for society. Each novel follows one of the Ravenels as they fall in love and find their way in the world. This series has everything from charm to love to humor. And it has my favorite character, Wes.

Scandalous House of Calydon – Stacy Reid

Stacy Reid‘s Scandalous House of Calydon series has quite a bit of fire meets ice. Each novel features a feisty strong-willed lady to win our hearts and a dark yet intriguing man to win theirs. These books are filled with drama, secrets and steamy romance. The best part is that each of the books can be experienced independently and can be read out of order! I have recently come across Stacy Reid, but she is quickly becoming one of my favorite regency-romance authors. When you finish this series, I highly suggest jumping into her series The Sinful Wallflowers and Wedded by Scandal!

Did your favorite Bridgerton-like romance book series make the list?

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This article was originally published on 2/17/21

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