Everyone’s favorite angsty teenage vampire has come a long way since we saw her in the swamps of Louisiana. Now Deborah Ann Woll, known for True Blood and Daredevil, is bringing fans into her own world. Relics and Rarities will be a live play Dungeons and Dragons show hosted and dungeon mastered by Woll. She will lead her friends through this mesmerizing world as they attempt to stop an unholy prophecy from coming true. She will be joined by her friends Julia Dennis, Tommy Walker, Xander Jeanneret, and Jasmine Bhuller for each episode plus there will also be guest appearances as well! Do I for see a Matt Mercer or Joe Manganiello joining our adventurers in the future?

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Relics and Rarities won’t be your typical Dungeons and Dragons game, it will include immersive props, sets and much more to bring everything to life. Regardless of this, the game itself is still unscripted which means a bad (or good) roll on the dice could send the adventurers in any direction possible. The trailer showcases what we are going to expect each week, a room designed to work with the story being told as well as items the players can inspect and interact with. 

I am seriously interested in what we are going to see each week and how this type of story telling will work alongside the rules and traditional game play for dungeons and dragons. While I have been a fan of Deborah Ann Woll for such a long time, I never realized she was a huge Dungeons and Dragons fan. We first saw her back during the Stream of Many Eyes event in June 2018 which showcased the new Waterdeep adventure for Wizards of the Coast. You can watch her dungeon master skills here as she leads players, including Julia Dennis and Tommy Walker, against an evil witch in Briarcleft.

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Relics and Rarities will air exclusively on Alpha starting February 4th. Subscribers to Alpha will have early access to new episodes before anyone else.


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