As if Dead by Daylight needed to be more terrifying, they have added a new chapter to the public test realm. A Binding of Kin features a new killer and survivor for the player to master. The new chapter does not come with its own map. However, we are getting the updated Ormond and Autohaven maps as part of The Realm Beyond reworks. I have spent my morning watching Morf_UK play the PTB, and let me tell you how terrifying this new killer is going to be. Here is a quick breakdown of the lore and new perks. Be sure to check out the PTB for more in-depth information on their perks, and watch the new trailer below.

The Twins

The new killer coming to Dead by Daylight‘s fog is known as The Twins. Charlotte and Victor Deshayes formed an emotional bond like no other. Their birth during the 17th century was nothing less than miraculous, however it would also lead to their life of persecution. The twins emerged with Victor’s lower body twisted around Charlotte’s muscles and organs. Victor was smaller and looked as if he were more of an appendage than an actual human. The midwife who delivered them screamed in terror while running from the home. She declared the demon was birthed by a witch and thus began the hunting of Charlotte, Victor and their mother, Madeleine.

After years of silently moving through France, Madeleine eventually passed, leaving Charlotte and Victor on their own. Charlotte did her best to protect Victor, by stealing food and supplies. Eventually they were found, and after narrowly escaping witch hunters, Charlotte discovered that Victor had died. Unable to let him go, she continued to carry him in the cavity in her chest. Years later, as she sat cold and near death, she heard cries and felt the spasms of Victor. He sprung from the cavity in her chest encompassed by a cloud of fog. She tore after him, eventually finding a dark hooded figure pulling him into the fog. With her sickle in hand, she followed, prepared to eviscerate any who set foot near her brother.

The Twins lore is both terrifying and deeply upsetting. This is something that Dead by Daylight does so well. Charlotte’s power allows the player to take control of Victor, who can lunge and attach himself to survivors. Nothing is more terrifying than watching this small child, who looks strangely like Gollum, lunge at you. Their three teachable perks include Hoarder, Oppression and Coup de Grace. Hoarder notifies the player when a survivor is searching through a chest and reduces the rarity of the item. Oppression is a generator slow down perk that will regress up to three random gens after the player kicks three gens. Coup de Grace increases the lunge distance based on how many generators are finished.

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Élodie hides from the Twins as they attack David in Dead by Daylight.

Élodie hides from the Twins as they attack David in Dead by Daylight.

Élodie Rakoto

The newest Dead by Daylight survivor, Élodie Rakoto, was born into a lush Parisian household. She grew up in a comfortable home miles away from her parents’ birthplace of Madagascar. Instead of focusing on the dreadful regurgitated facts from her classroom, she spent her days exploring the city to discover the stories behind each statue, neighborhood and street sign. When she was 14, her parents took her on a “business trip” to Dyer Island. To her disappointment, the island was a private site for exclusive members of the Imperiatti. After a few weeks, Élodie made friends with The Pariahs and Felix. She convinced the group to investigate the abandoned buildings and uncovered strange apparatuses.

Before they could continue further, an obsidian claw tore through the concrete floor. The building began to collapse, and Élodie saw her parents wielding weapons against it. Her father told her to run, and while she did, the darkness fell. It was the last time she would see her parents. She would spend the next 14 years investigating rumors and stories surrounding the disappearance of her parents. She worked alongside Hazra Shah, the Collector, an occult specialist who archived rare artifacts. While in search of a skull that belonged to a witch who gave birth to conjoined twins, Élodie was caught off guard, and after putting up quite a fight, she found herself being smothered by the abyss. She had finally found what she was looking for.

The players have spoken, and Behaviour has listened! We are continuing to see more representation throughout their killers and survivors! Élodie comes with three new teachable perks including Appraisal, Deception and Power Struggle. The Appraisal perk allows the player to rummage through an already open chest. Deception allows the player to interact with lockers as they sprint past, giving a notification to the killer that they entered the locker even though they didn’t. The final perk is by far my favorite. Power Struggle allows the player to interact with pallets once they have hit 35% on the struggling bar. This means the player can get their own pallet stun!



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