And just when you thought you’d seen the last of them! The Umbrella Academy has been renewed for Season Three by Netflix! Someone get an extra strong coffee for Five! 

The official Twitter account for the fantasy series based on the graphic novels by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá made the exhilarating announcement Tuesday. Said account also revealed that production for Season Three will begin in February 2021. Huzzah!

But that’s not all! You can now have a photo of your favorite Hargreeves as your profile icon on Netflix!

The Umbrella Academy profile icon photos for Netflix.

I’m tickled pink to see Pogo as an option. Also, this is very reminiscent of The Brady Bunch, which couldn’t be further from who these folks are. I dig it. 

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Season Two of The Umbrella Academy premiered July 31 of this year to rave reviews and even more of a viewer turnout than its predecessor. Not to mention, the season ended on a massive cliffhanger. I assumed a third season renewal was inevitable based on the above alone. We have to know what happens next! 

At the end of Season Two, our favorite superpowered siblings were attempting to travel back to their own timeline in 2019. You know, before Vanya (Ellen Page) tried to incite the apocalypse. However, Five took the group to an alternate timeline wherein Daddy Hargreeves (Colm Feore) is still breathing and Ben (Justin Min) is also among the living. Oh, and it’s not The Umbrella Academy, but The Sparrow Academy. Ben is also sporting some serious emo vibes. As a formerly-but-not recovering emo kid, I approve. 

Additionally, Lila Pitts (Ritu Arya) vanished after wreaking havoc against the Hargreeves. We need to find out what she’s up to and who these Sparrow Academy kids are. It’s well known that more than just seven children with superpowers were inexplicably born at the same time on October 1, 1989. Let’s meet them! 

You can check out the tweet from The Umbrella Academy account below. In the meantime, let’s all agree to binge watch the first two seasons. Yeah? 

The Umbrella Academy stars Ellen Page, Tom HopperRobert SheehanDavid CastañedaEmmy Raver-Lampman, Justin Min and Aidan Gallagher. Seasons One and Two are currently available to stream on Netflix. 

What do you think about the Hargreeves returning for a third go-round? Sound off in the comments below!



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