Remember back in JULY when we finally got a glimpse of White Diamond in the Steven Universe episode that premiered at SDCC? If that feels like a million years ago to you, you’re not alone! Don’t worry, though: Cartoon Network announced today that new episodes of Steven Universe will air in December– and they released this cool poster to tease what we can expect:

Steven Universe Diamond Days

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The network says: “Steven Universe fans, rejoice! Cartoon Network’s Emmy-nominated series is returning this winter with an action-packed five-part arc, ‘Steven Universe: Diamond Days,’ beginning Monday, Dec. 17 at 7:30 p.m. (ET/PT). In the premiere episode, ‘Legs From Here to Homeworld,’ shown exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con, Steven travels to visit family after Ruby and Sapphire’s wedding. New episodes will premiere weekly on Mondays through January, with the arc culminating in an epic hour-long special event, ‘Steven Universe: Battle of Heart and Mind,’ premiering Monday, Jan. 21 at 7 p.m. (ET/PT).”

Now that we know Steven’s mom, Rose Quartz, was actually Pink Diamond, and Steven has revealed this to Blue and Yellow, and now that we’ve met the manic-looking White Diamond, whose side is everyone on? The poster has Steven in what appears to be armor (or maybe a fancy performance dress?), and the Crystal Gems look like they’re in battle mode. Yellow’s looking tough, and Blue looks apprehensive. And above them all: White. What is going to happen??

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More to look forward to: The new episodes will contain five new original songs, each released the day after their debut.

Since a certain Doctor is rumored to be skipping out on a Christmas special this year, it’s good to know that there’ll be SOME good TV to look forward to!