The holidays are approaching faster than the Millennium Falcon in hyperspace. With so many gifts to think about and so much to worry about, it can be overwhelming. But we’re here to help! Have a Star Wars fan in your life? You’re in luck! You won’t need to look any further than our gift guide set to bring smiles and joy to your little (or big) Jedi. Here are some of all the great gifts you can get this year.


Star Wars has a very long history with toys. In fact, it could be argued that the franchise paved the way for collection culture with it’s unique toys. And of course they all range, from this animated Porg plush (give it to me!!), a brand new Lego Sandcrawler set or this game of Operation with Star Wars twist. Our big pick though? A black series edition of Enfys Nest with her swoop bike. Not only is the character and her bike incredibly cool, but it’s a well designed replica sure to become a talking point for any fans and their collection.



Reading is important for every fan. Not just because reading is an educational experience but because there is so much canon hidden away in the pages of books. Whether they’re in comics, novelizations or canon books that explore other parts of the galaxy. Some highlights include this fun box set of the The Jedi Path and Book of Sith. There’s also the Art of Solo: A Star Wars Story, filled to the brim with not just beautiful art but early concepts and expanded lore – things you wouldn’t learn by just watching the film. And lastly, a permenant fixture on your coffee table in the form of Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy. The informational book highlights 75 females in the Star Wars galaxy. You can read our review in addition to an interview with the author HERE.  



What about all the fun things that don’t fit under a category? Something that you weren’t expecting but still brings a smile to your face. Like these Lando Calrissian dinner plates, set to make any party immediately more elegant. Maybe it’s the replica of a Holocron, a powerful object that holds data and information used by both the Jedi and the Sith. Or our must have of the year, these fan-made replica dice owned by Han Solo. Your ride is way more fun with these dice swinging away. Just make sure you bring a co-pilot like R2D2 or Chewie



Sometimes fans love showing off their fandom. Of course the best way is wearing clothing, like this Clone Wars collection from Her Universe. It’s made for the entire family, so you’re sure to find something like an Ahsoka dress or Kenobi sweatshirt. Maybe you want something more fun or silly. Like this headband that makes it look like you have Leia’s buns from A New Hope. But one of the most fun you can have? Rose Tico’s ring! Sure, it’s a big ring, but imagine all the fun you can have flashing the Rebellion symbol at unsuspecting fans. 

Think you’ll get any of these gifts for the Star Wars fan in your life? Let us know! Be sure to come back for more gift ideas! 

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