“The Series Finale” (season finale?) of WandaVision has TWO post-credits stingers, so if you missed one/both, go back before reading on!

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WELL! It looks like the MCU is diverging from canon regarding Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn) and her relationship with Scarlet Witch / Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen). The two have an epic showdown in the finale of WandaVision, wherein Agatha introduces Wanda to The Book of the Dead, reveals the impact Wanda’s chaos magic is having on the residents of Westview and tries to siphon off Wanda’s magic. Ultimately, Wanda proves she’s already learned enough from Agatha in this iteration, using runes to prevent Agatha from doing so and instead taking the Salem witch’s magic for herself.

As the witches battle in the sky above Westview, Vision (Paul Bettany) confronts the white Vision programmed by Director Hayward (Josh Stamberg) to destroy Wanda’s Vision. Hayward reveals his plot to Agent Woo (Randall Park): having his Vision kill Wanda’s and emerge from the Hex implying that Wanda reanimated him and not that SWORD repurposed him as a weapon. Hayward underestimated both Woo and The Vision, though. One undoes him with sleight-of-hand magic, and the other with logic.

The Visions are battling it out in the town library, when Wanda’s Vision challenges the white Vision with the Ship of Theseus thought experiment. White Vision’s programming directive is to destroy The Vision, but if the white Vision is The Vision’s body and Wanda’s Vision is only a construct based on his memory, who is truly The Vision? The “real” synthezoid is arrested by this conundrum, pausing the fight to consider his opponent’s reasoning. Wanda’s Vision also points out that a synthezoid’s memories aren’t easily wiped, and with white Vision’s permission, he touches the stone where the Mind Stone once sat and unlocks them. White Vision’s eyes clear and he declares, “I am Vision,” then blasts off into the sky.

Outside, it’s become clear that Wanda’s Westview illusion and her family are inextricably intermingled. She’ll have to give up one to save the other, and now that the curtains have been pulled back on the cost of what she’s done, she and Vision agree that Westview must be freed. Wanda traps Agatha in her Agnes identity, forcing her to live without magic in Westview as a “nosy neighbor,” easily found should Wanda ever need her. Aside from this new spell, Wanda initiates the lifting of her Hex as she and her family walk home. 

Darcy (Kat Dennings) has crashed her funnel cake van into Hayward’s vehicle, trapping him until the FBI, whom Agent Woo has summoned, can arrest him for his misdeeds. Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) has leant a hand with her superpowers, both to foil Hayward and to free fake Pietro (Evan Peters) (actually Ralph Bohner) from Agatha’s spell. Monica and Wanda have made peace, and all that’s left for Wanda and Vision to do is to say goodbye to each other and the dream they got to live in for a few days. 

As the WandaVision family makes their way through town toward home, the walls of the Hex close in closer and closer, returning the world to normal as they recede. Wanda and Vision’s house is the last spot to be affected, giving them time to put their boys to bed and to tearfully say farewell. Vision asks Wanda what he is, before he goes, and she tells him that he is the piece of the Mind Stone that lives in her, her sadness and mostly her love. He muses that he’s been a voice with no body, a sentient synthezoid and now a memory … who knows what he’ll be next. Before he goes, he assures her (not having revealed the outcome of his faceoff with his counterpart) that if they’ve said farewell more than once, so it stands to reason that they’ll say hello again.

The Hex closes in, and Wanda is alone in the vacant lot where everything started.

Instead of getting into her car, which is still in the driveway, she walks into town to face the damning glares of the newly freed townspeople and say goodbye to Monica. Monica understands what Wanda did and admits that if she were able, she would absolutely do the same to have her mother back. Wanda says that she doesn’t understand her power — but that she will. Then, she blasts off into the sky.

In the wake of Wanda’s departure, Monica is called into the town theater by an FBI agent. Inside, the agent (Lori Livingston) reveals herself to be a Skrull, sent by a friend of Monica’s mother who’d heard she’d been grounded. The friend (Nick Fury, most likely) has invited Monica to come visit him in space, and Monica’s face suggests that the answer is a resounding yes. 

Some time later, we see Wanda having tea on the porch of a remote cabin on a mountain lake. Her kettle whistles, and she goes inside to pour hot water into the cup she was already cradling in her hands on the porch. (Which … OK?) When she’s in the house, we see another Wanda floating in a bedroom in full Scarlet Witch garb, reading the Book of the Dead and learning. Her attention is pulled suddenly when she hears her sons crying out for help from somewhere …

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Agatha references The Sorcerer Supreme when telling Wanda that she’s written about in the Book of the Dead as the one who will end the world, and Wanda ends the show as a non-villain. SO: What will her role in the new Doctor Strange be??

Fake Pietro is fully living the X-Men version of Quicksilver when we catch up with him holding Monica hostage and subsequently being freed from Agatha’s thrall by her. Does this mean we’ve seen the last of Evan Peters in this role?

Agatha warns Wanda that she doesn’t know what she’s wrought, and we hear the boys calling for their mom from *somewhere* at the end. Has Wanda contributed to the creation of the multiverse?

Why did Vision just leave instead of helping Wanda? Where did he go?

Why was Wanda hanging out on her porch with an empty mug??

Share your thoughts and theories with us!



Leona Laurie