If you don’t know Bad Lip Reading, you’ve been living under a rock. Big fans of Star Wars, the YouTube channel has dubbed over the classic trilogy and have even created highly catchy songs from their dubs. Not limited to Star Wars of course, they cover politics, films and football among many others. With over 6 million fans, they’re doing it right. So right in fact, their latest video has a very special guest dubber.

None other than Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, joins the fun by dubbing over Han Solo. The video is filled with ridiculous and funny lines, never falling short of the laughs. Though, they somehow made the interrogation scene even creepier! Standouts, besides Hamill’s deadpan, is Chewie, BB-8 and Admiral Ackbar. It’ll improve your weekend that much more!

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Check out their latest video below and tell us your favorite lines!

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