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Honest Trailers and Screen Junkies are back for another bout with Disney.  This time they take on Beauty and the Beast just in time for the release of it’s live action remake.

Honest Trailers can be hit or miss.  This is a pretty good hit.  They nail the thing that’s always bothered me about this story, which is that it’s really a story of oppression and hostage-taking.  A cute one, but none-the-less… and they do it in a pretty hilarious way.

They do  a pretty great job getting down to the important questions, like ‘if the beast earned the curse, why did all his servants get deformed too?’,  and ‘what happened to all the actual stuff?  Did it merge with the servants?’, and… what is the beast’s name anyway?

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Fun stuff, all around.  The real reason to watch this particular Honest Trailer is the alternate song lyrics and character names at the end.  I won’t spoil those for you.  You can watch them here.   Be careful, some of those song lyrics may be NSFW.

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