The hits keep coming from Disney+.  They’ve released a trailer from their new “experimental short film collection” entitled Short Circuit.  It’s magical and inspiring and full of the feel-good inspiration we all need right now. 

The trailer gives us snippets of several of the shorts featured in Short Circuit.  It entreats us to, “fall in love… face your fears… and explore the depths… of your wildest imagination.”  There are some beautiful and touching images in the trailer alone.  Most notably, there is a celestial stag facing the night, a little boy facing his thoughts and a boy and his mom finding magic under the puddles.  It looks down-right delightful and right in line with the magic of Disney shorts that we’ve come to love!  

From a lost baby elephant to a newly-formed raindrop, @DisneyAnimation’s Short Circuit will introduce you to an array of new characters—and worlds!

You can stream all 14 of the Short Circuit experimental films now on Disney+.  

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