I have a love-hate relationship with mousepads. As a kid in school, I can remember my hands and wrists being torn up by the ripped plastic ones at the computers. It wasn’t until we had a computer at home that I learned cloth ones actually existed and were far superior to their plastic counterparts. But then, as time went on, I got into computer gaming and the quality of computer mice skyrocketed and I realized that even those didn’t cut it. So I’ve spent years testing out different ones that varied in quality and recently, Ultimate Custom Mousepads reached out for an honest review on one of theirs.

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They are a small company that allows you to customize your mousepad completely. They have sizes varying from the standard square mousepad all the way up to their ultimate, which clocks in at 100 x 50 cm. Once you have chosen your size, you can upload an image to customize it completely. A designer will check out the image quality for the size mousepad you choose and make any suggestions before printing the final design.

For mine, I chose an XL (80 x 30cm) with the GGA logo. They reached back out to me right away with their suggested design, which included a purple background instead of the plain black one which I loved. Once I agreed, they got right to printing and shipping. I will admit that I was a bit hesitant. I have ordered my fair share of custom mousepads that arrived with stretched-out images and blurry text. But thankfully, my xl performance pad looked just as good as the template they sent me. The image and text are clear and the background really helps make everything pop.

GGA's Logo and site title on a mousepad from Ultimate Custom Mousepads.

As far as the quality of the mousepad goes, it’s great. The surface is smooth and the outside stitching isn’t fraying right out of the box. It even has a rubber surface on the bottom that grips to the desk, which is great. I tend to shuffle notes, books, my keyboard and mouse all over the place and my old mousepad would move with it. Over the last week, I have adjusted the mousepad once and that only because I was moving everything else. This was a big win for me! Nothing is worse than being mid-game and having your mousepad shift with everything else on it.

Now the real question is, how did it do with my mouse. I am currently using a Corsair Gaming Scimitar PRO mouse and it has been working great with the mousepad. I was previously using a Corsair gaming mousepad. While I didn’t see a huge positive change when swapping to the Ultimate Custom Mousepad, I didn’t see any negative effects either. I played multiple different games over the last week, including World of WarcraftSmite, Dead by Daylight and Resident Evil Village. My mouse felt responsive, which was definitely needed against all the werewolves in Resident Evil and looping killers in Dead by Daylight.

As far as cost, the one I chose runs $56, which is a bit more than I would normally spend on a customized mousepad, but it is honestly well worth it. I would have rather spent this money once than all of the money I’ve spent on other sites in the past for the quality and care I received. These make fantastic gifts for gamers and even those who aren’t. The smaller sizes are perfect for a family photo or collage that you can give for a birthday! If you are looking for a mousepad that you can customize, I can’t express enough how great Ultimate Custom Mousepads was to work with. Everything from their exceptional customer service to the quality of the mousepad was excellent

You can start customizing your own mousepad here and with the code “GGAULT”, you get 5% off your purchase.


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