Capcom has been busy celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Resident Evil franchise this year. Just a few days ago, we got the next installment to the video game franchise, Resident Evil Village, which gave us quite a bit of backstory to the franchise and hints about what might come next. Now I take information like this with a grain of salt because it is easy for games like these to be retconned in the future to make new events work. But that doesn’t mean I won’t stop theorizing about what will come next for the franchise!

DISCLAIMER: If you haven’t tackled Resident Evil Village yet, I suggest doing so first. It is definitely worth the playthrough and avoiding spoilers! It’s available to play on PC through Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and the Xbox Series X.

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Let’s Play Catch Up

Before we get into the theories, I thought it best to play some catch-up. This is a quick rundown. If you want a more in-depth one, I suggest checking out the Fandom page. Resident Evil Village brings back Ethan (originally in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard) and his family now living near a village in Romania. Chris Redfield, who has begun to distrust the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance), had placed Ethan, Mia and their daughter into a safe house. In the three years since the Dulvey incident, he has been looking into the organization known as The Connections. 

Chris eventually learns about Mother Miranda, an immortal woman who has been experimenting on the villagers using the mold known as Megamycete to bring her daughter Eva back to life. She takes the place of Mia in an attempt to kidnap Ethan’s daughter Rose to use as a vessel for the experiment. However, Miranda was able to pretend to be dead and then, while en route, kills Chris’s men and takes Rose. This leads to Ethan’s battle with her four creations and finally killing her and getting Rose back.

Chris finds Miranda’s workshop during the game and uncovers information that connects her to two major organizations. The first is a letter from Oswell E. Spencer thanking her for introducing him to the mold, but he decided to use a virus instead for his research. He went on to become a founding member of the Umbrella Corporation, even using the symbol he found in the cave as his logo. The second is a diary piece discussing the organization The Connections and how she gave them samples of the mold and even Eva’s DNA.

Full circle here, guys. Full circle. Not only is Miranda connected to the birth of the Umbrella Corp, but she also had a hand in later events as well. Now the reason Ethan’s daughter Rose is a perfect vessel for the ceremony is that she has a part of Eva in her. When Ethan first arrived at the Baker’s house and found Mia, Jack actually kills him. However, the mold infected Ethan, giving him regenerative powers. This mold came from Eveline, The Connections creation from Miranda’s mold and Eva’s DNA. Ethan and Mia would have passed this on to Rose.

Mother Miranda meeting with her creations in Resident Evil Village.

Mother Miranda meeting with her creations in Resident Evil Village.

So What’s Next?

At the end of Resident Evil Village, we see Ethan die and Mia and Rose escape with Chris. During this cut scene, another member of the Hound Wolf Squad points out that the BSAA soldiers were actually bioweapons in uniform. So, the group that is supposed to be investigating and stopping other companies from making bioweapons is now using them. The last thing Chris requests is that they head to the European branch of BSAA to get some answers. So, where does this take us?

My theory is that the next game, or set of games, in the franchise will focus on the fall of BSAA. They seem to be going down a path of destruction by using bioweapons in combat. And chances are they are creating them on their own, which leads to a whole new set of problems. Just imagine, Chris and the crew show up at the Europe BSAA HQ to find it overwhelmed with these bioweapon soldiers. Chris and his crew could possibly have to fight their way through to figure out exactly what is going on.

Or, it could feature a different set of characters. We haven’t seen Jill, Leon or Claire in a few games (aside from the remakes) and with Netflix’s Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness coming up, we know we will see a bit of Leon and Claire. Wouldn’t it be something if all four ended up together in the next game? Chris obviously is already heading there; TerraSave could send in Claire to investigate rumors about the BSAA and Leon would be sent in by the DSO (Division of Security Operations). But where does Jill come into this?

If you remember, Jill was presumed dead at one point in the franchise but was later found to be under the influence of Wesker. After being saved by Chris and his team, she was taken back to BSAA headquarters to undergo various tests surrounding her contact with multiple viruses. So what if all of the bioweapons stem back to their tests on Jill? Our girl isn’t going to like that! I could even see a game like this kicking off with her fighting her way out and finding the others along the way.

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The Future of Resident Evil

At the end of Resident Evil Village, we get a cutscene where an older Rose dips away to visit her father’s grave. Another member of Chris’ team finds her and through their conversation, we learn quite a few things. One, he refers to her as Eveline, which angers Rose. This could mean that Rose has abilities very similar to her. Second, Rose lets the guy in on a secret that there are even things Chris doesn’t know about her powers. So it looks like Chris kept his promise to help take care of Rose. Finally, we learn that Rose is needed for another mission, so it seems like she is partially following in her dad’s heroic footsteps.

However, what really gets me is that as they drive away, there is a man in the distance. It could just be another person walking in the cemetery, but it seems like they focus on it for far too long before the screen cuts to black. Is it Chris or another mentor to Rose? And what does this all mean? Honestly, I think this cutscene could be one of two things. First, it could just be a happy ending for the character of Rose. After all of the events in Resident Evil Village, it is nice to know in the end that Rose was taken care of and Chris is making things up to Ethan.

But, I feel like it is more than this. Hear me out. They make it a point to share that Rose is working for the same organization that Chris is, that she has powers similar to Eveline and that she is heading out onto a new job. She looks to be in her teenage years, maybe 16, which means that even over a decade after the events of Resident Evil Village, there are still things going on in the world that need attending to. This could be Capcom’s way of telling us that we are going to see this story play out in the future.

It makes sense that they would want to assure us that they are still going strong even after 25 years of this franchise. So I would like to assume that they have the skeleton of the overall story they would like to tell. Eventually, Chris, Leon, Claire, Jill and the others will be a bit too old and will need to pass the torch to a new generation and Rose could be a major part of that. We have only seen a short bit of her, but Rose has got spunk and I can’t wait to see what her powers can do.

An older rose in the secret scene at the end of Resident Evil Village.

An older rose in the secret scene at the end of Resident Evil Village.


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