Watch out, here comes ‘The Game’! Star Trek: The Next Generation fans will recognize this game the moment they see it. One of Riker’s many fleeting downfalls, ‘The Game’ from TNG season 5, episode 6 (which just happens to be the episode I ALWAYS catch re-running on TV) almost destroyed the crew of the Enterprise through mind control and straight-up addiction. Now, it’s real, if slightly less dangerous.  

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MIT grad, Robert Burke designed a Microsoft HoloLens version of TNG‘s game.  It’s eerily similar to the one we are familiar with.  Nerdist made us aware of the video, posted on Reddit by user litewo. Using a Pip to track your stress levels, the user can make a small spinning disc go into a cone when they are relaxed. The more stressed you are, the less likely it is that the disc will go into the cone. Now, there’s no direct drug-like reward to the pleasure centers of your brain like the game that came from Risa. But, the rest of the game is spot-on TNG, down to the sound effects! 

Check it out. Everybody’s doing it.  

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