JEFFREY HENDERSON Actor, Artist, Musician and Star Wars Fan Film Winner!

In episode 42 of Kneel Before AudI sit down with the immensely talented Jeff Henderson. Jeff is an actor, artist, musician and film maker. Just this past year, Jeff wrote, co-directed, produced and acted in the Star Wars fan film, The Sable Corsair. This short went on to win the prestigious 2016 Audience Choice Star Wars Fan Film Award at this past Star Wars Celebration in London! He got a Golden Stormtrooper!

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Jeff talks about his creative path in becoming who he is today and let me tell you it’s engrossing and it started quite early in his life. I have a feeling that you’ll be as mesmerized with the conversation as I was.

You’ll hear about Jeff’s journey as a musician and his career as a storyboard artist – including a great story about Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell. We talk about The Sable Corsair which includes his love of Star Wars, his choice to fan fund the film, rallying a solid group together to make this film and what it was like to go to Europe and receive the award.

Click this link to see the short film, The Sable Corsair  – you’ll be glad you did. You should also check out Jeff’s storyboards and all his art here on his website Planet Henderson, including his Spider-Man 4 storyboards. And, finally, check out his album The Dark Holiday’s Good Morning California!

You can find Jeff on Twitter, here!

Enjoy episode 42 of Kneel Before Aud with Jeff Henderson

~Audrey Kearns

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Audrey Kearns