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Variety is reporting that Fox’s hit Batman coming-of-age series, Gotham, has found the Mad Hatter’s sister, Alice Tetch.

Gotham, ep303, "Look Into My Eyes"

According to the site, along with the Mad Hatter, a.k.a. Jervis Tetch, played by Benedict Samuel, we’ll definitely also see his younger sister and she will be played by Naian Gonzalez Norvind, who will have a recurring guest role. This means we’ll see her in more than one episode, though maybe not necessarily the entire season.


The site also adds to her character description, saying that Alice is “born with a powerful ability that she cannot control — an ability her brother believes is a gift, but that she has always seen as a curse.” They then go on to add that “she has spent much of her life alone, running from her brother — who will stop at nothing to be reunited in hopes of unleashing her gift on the world.”


Just what this gift is, exactly, is completely speculative as this is a complete deviation from anything we know from the comics. Jervis Tetch never had a sister named Alice – in the New 52, Alice was a childhood sweetheart; in Batman: The Animated Series, Alice was his old secretary. She’s also been a hallucination and just an outright fascination, but never a sister with super powers. We can speculate, however, since we know Jervis Tetch is fascinated and obsessed with mind control that his sister Alice has some ability related to that.


Norvind has not been seen too much as she’s relatively new to the scene. She was on stage at the Lincoln Center in “Her Requiem” and is set to appear in biopic Rebel in the Rye, about reclusive author J.D. Salinger. She was awarded Best Actress at Guanajuato Film Festival for her performance in Everybody’s Got Somebody… Not Me.”

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