Raya and the Last Dragon is Disney’s next big animated feature and Entertainment Weekly is blessing us with an exclusive first look photo! Kelly Marie Tran will star as the titular heroine Raya. Initially, actress Cassie Steele was voicing the role, but Tran has since taken the reins. Additionally, Awkwafina will be lending her voice to the character Sisu, a dragon in human form. Sisu desperately needs Raya’s help to reclaim her true dragon self. 

Now, Raya and the Last Dragon tells the story of Raya and her trustworthy steed Tuk Tuk as they must defend their Heart Lands home a.k.a Kumandra from the formidable Druun. Kumandra is a re-imagined Earth wherein Raya’s ancient civilization resides. How will they go about accomplishing such a monumental task, you ask? By tracking down the last existing dragon.

According to EW, the animated film will be Disney’s first flick to be fully developed in remote locations amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Don Hall and Carlos López Estrada are serving as directors while Crazy Rich Asians scribe Adele Lim and playwright Qui Nguyen are co-writers. Paul Briggs and John Ripa join the fray as co-directors. 

Raya and the Last Dragon marks Disney’s first film about Southeast Asia. It’s a rich celebration of a culture seldom seen in film and TV. Disney never fails to miss the mark regarding their animated endeavors, so I’m stoked to see how this project comes to life.

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Below, you can take a peek at EW’s first look photo of the upcoming animated flick. Raya and the Last Dragon is slated for release in March 2021. 

Animated still of Raya and the Last Dragon.

RAYA AND THE LAST DRAGON – As an evil force threatens the kingdom of Kumandra, it is up to warrior Raya, and her trusty steed Tuk Tuk, to leave their Heart Lands home and track down the last dragon to help stop the villainous Druun. © 2020 Disney. All Rights Reserved. CR: Walt Disney Animation Studios

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