During Gamescom 2020‘s Opening Night Live we were graced with a new trailer for the upcoming title Twelve Minutes. The action adventure is from developer Louis Antonio and publisher Annapurna Interactive. It is a top-down interactive thriller that features a click and drag interface. Players are tossed into a romantic evening before a detective arrives accusing their wife of murder and beats them to death. But death doesn’t end everything. Instead the player is sent into a loop, reliving the events over and over.

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The goal is to eventually break the loop by uncovering the secrets hidden within the small world. The trailer is so calming that it is terrifying. Willem Dafoe narrates as a loop plays out before us. A couple having a romantic dinner, a scene where the wife is stabbed, another where a man appears to arrest them. Slowly the scene becomes more twisted, showing us how much can change within a short amount of time. Dafoe isn’t the only surprise from the trailer. Annapurna Interactive also announced that both James McAvoy and Daisy Ridley have lent their voices to this masterpiece.

The gameplay for Twelve Minutes looks just as intriguing as the story itself. We know that we are going to be thrown into a loop where we will need to uncover the truth of what is happening. The real question comes with how exactly we are going to do that. Will there be puzzles that need to be solved? Or are we going to have some kind of quick time events? Hopefully, we will learn the answers to these questions over the next couple of months. But with this trailer alone, I am completely hooked.

Twelve Minutes is listed as coming soon for Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC through Steam.



Julia Roth
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