Star Wars fandom hit a bit of a low recently. If you somehow missed it, newcomer Kelly Marie Tran was bulled off Instagram due to racist and negative comments. For the past week or so, fans have been pouring out their love for the actress with hashtags and fanart. But it went a little further today.

Released by Black Series Rebels, fans from all around the globe shared their love and support for Tran. The 9 minute long video message was filled with fans of all ages and all races coming together to sing their praise. They complimented her performance, her character, her attitude and so much more. In honesty, it’s hard not to feel the love as Rose Tico’s theme is played quietly in the background.

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We here at Geek Girl Authority love and support Kelly Marie Tran’s bubbly attitude and excitement for the Star Wars franchise. She was a breath of fresh air needed for the series and a big fangirl like we all are. Thank you for everything! Check out the video below and keep smiling, Kelly!


Erin Lynch