After being teased the past two days with teasers and posters, the Justice League trailer has finally arrived. It’s our first official trailer and it offers us action, humor and visual treats. There’s a lot to talk about with this trailer so let’s get right into it.

We start off with Bruce Wayne on a horse making his way to a small town in Alaska, trying to find Aquaman. Voiceover from Bruce tells us that there’s an attack coming, but Diana tells him it’s already here. We then cut to an apartment with the motherbox stashed in the corner and a Parademon emerging from it. Silas Stone, Cyborg’s father, is the one housing the motherbox, giving us our groundwork for the film. Motherboxes, parademons, mayhem! We then go through role call of the other heroes – Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash. We get to see their powers at work with Aquaman using his Trident, Cyborg blasting things with his arm canon and The Flash speeding through fights.

Barry Allen (Flash) asks Bruce what his super power is – “I’m rich” is the response. This opens up more humor throughout the trailer. We’re bombarded with tons of action scenes – and introducing a new ride for Batman. Since I’m unsure of the name of the mobile right now, I’m going to call it the Batcrawler, cause it looks insane and crawls up walls. We also get our first look at Amy Adams in the film as Lois Lane and Amber Heard as Mera, Aquaman’s wife and Queen of Atlantis. The most exciting reveal for me? Commissioner Gordon played by JK Simmons. He jokingly says he’s glad to see Batman working with others. Aquaman cuts through the conversation talking about how he’s like a bat. Batman quips back to Gordon that it might be temporary. Boom, trailer over.

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We were graced with a ton of action scenes, getting to see their powers in better detail. Cyborg can fly, Aquaman will use his trident significantly, The Flash dodges. Well, you know, not much he can do outside of dodging and throwing, eh? I’m kidding. The trailer doesn’t give us too much of the story – unless the whole story is coming together and fighting Parademons. I could babble on about everything like Amazonians making an appearance, the giant war breaking out, but I’ll let you guys make your opinion. It’s a promising trailer but I will remain cautiously optimistic.

What did you think of the trailer? Are you looking forward to the film? Let us know and be sure to see Justice League in theaters November 17.

Erin Lynch