It’s all fun and games on Supernatural, until someone dies, right?  Dean is home and trying to get back to his old self.  What better way than to retreat to his man-cave.  But if anyone knows what it’s like to be possessed by an archangel, it’s Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki). So he knows that Dean (Jensen Ackles) is not really okay.  

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The Night Before Halloween

Meet Stuart (Kurt Ostlund).  He works at a comic book store.  While opening a shipment for the store, he finds a Panthro from Thundercats figurine. His boss, Samantha (Genevieve Buechner) calls him to ask him why he was yelling at a customer. They were fighting over whether or not Stuart could defeat Superman. Only with Kryptonite gloves.  Later than night, at Game Night, Stuart yells at the pizza guy for being late.  The Panthro figurine turns his head to look at Stuart.  Panthro jumps down from the table and attacks Stuart.

Dean is in the middle of the All Saints Day movie marathon.  Sam checks on him because he hasn’t been acting like Dean since he got home.  Dean is more focused on Sam’s shaven face.  Much better Sam. Sam says Dean needs to get out of his room, but Dean doesn’t like that the house is full of strangers.  Besides, he watching his favorite horror movie! To which Sam says their whole life is a horror movie. Very True!  Sam shows Dean a YouTube video of Stewart talking about being attacked by Panthro.  Dean gets very excited about a possessed Thundercat! It’s time to hit the road!

This is Halloween

It’s Halloween! And Sam hates it!  The boys go to the comic book store disguised as insurance agents. Dean sees a girl that reminds him of Sam. They even tuck their hair behind the ear the same way. Sam sees a guy that is just like Dean, down to the lollipop.  That guy’s name is Dirk (Aaron Paul Stewart).  When Dean finds a life size replica of the slasher Hatchetman (Barry Nerling), he tells Dirk that he will buy it.  But it’s not for sale.  The guys talk to the girl behind the counter, Samantha…Sam…Samantha? anyway, she tells them that Stewart is at his mom’s house. 


Genevieve Buechner as Samantha Juarez — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved

The boys head to Stewart’s and his mom say they can find him downstairs.  He’s playing Fortnite and yelling really loudly at his team.  He stops to get food and talks to the Winchesters.  They say they saw his YouTube video and he gets scared.  Stewart says he made everything up.  He gets agitated and tells the boys to leave.   They sit outside in the car and watch the house. 

Stewart’s mom leaves the house while they wait. Shortly after Stewart comes out of the house screaming for help. The boys rush to his aid.  Sam stays with Stewart while Dean goes inside to investigate.  He looks around Stewart’s room and hears a chainsaw. When he turns around, the chainsaw is headed straight for Dean. Dean moves and the chainsaw hits the wall. 

Something Wicked

They take Stewart to the hospital where his mom sits at his side. They decide that a ghost is trying to kill Stewart.  Dean says he will stay and watch over Stewart while Sam investigates the house again.  when Sam gets there, he looks around Stewart’s room for anything unusual. He finds the Panthro figure and measures it for EVP. There is nothing to read. Sam finds picture of Stewart, Samantha, Dirk and an older gentleman at the comic book store.

Dirk arrives at the hospital to check on Stewart and strikes up a conversation with Dean.  Turns out they both love the slasher film All Saints Day.  Dirk is impressed with Dean’s knowledge about the movies series. Dean says he likes to watch movies where he knows the bad guy is going to lose. 


Jared Padalecki as Sam — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved

Sam goes to the comic book store to talk to Samantha about Stewart…without sounding like he’s a hunter.  He asks if anyone close to Stewart died. Yes, his boss Jordan Berry.  Jordan died of cancer and left the comic book store to Samantha and Dirk.  Samantha says Jordan was like their Willy Wonka.  Except, he had to fire Stewart twice.  After Jordan died, Samantha hired Stewart back. 


Sam sees a cold spot appear on a display case behind Samantha. He pulls out the EVP device, measuring high levels of ghost activity.  The life size Hatchetman figure comes to life and attacks Sam, knocking him out. The figure turns to Samantha and she screams. 

Sam wakes up and finds a shaken up Samantha.  She says the Hatchetman took her store keys and locked the door.  They are trapped inside the store. Sam tries to throw something at the glass door to smash it, but Dirk installed shatter proof glass. 

Dirk and Dean continue their talk about All Saints Day. Sam calls to let Dean know about Jordan’s ghost.  Sam thinks Jordan is trying to kill Stewart. He says Jordan possessed the life size figure of Hatchetman and Dean gets excited!  Hatchman walks down the street and people love his costume.

Trick or Treat


Aaron Paul Stewart as Dirk Winchell and Jensen Ackles as Dean — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved

Dean pours salt around Stewart’s bed and tells Dirk to to stay in the salt. Dean admits to Dirk that all of the ghost, demons and monsters are real. He leaves the room to find Hatchetman.

Sam asks why Jordan wants Stewart dead.  Samantha says Stewart gets impulsive and takes things.  She has been taking money out of his check to make up for what he takes. Sam can’t pick the lock, so they are really trapped inside the store He asks Samantha for cleaning supplies.  Sam makes a bomb with the cleaning supplies so they can get out. 

Stewart’s room gets so cold that Dirk can see his breath.  At the same time, Stewart’s mom returns with food. She sees Hatchetman heading toward Stewart’s room.  Dirk hears her scream and runs to save her.  He yells to Jordan saying Stewart is his friend and he will have to go through Dirk to get to Stewart. 

Dirk runs away. The hospital security guards are watching All Saints Day instead of the hospital security cameras. Dirk’s journey is parallel to the movie.  He runs through the hospital and Hatchetman is close behind.  Dirk runs to the elevator and waits for it to arrive.  Hatchetman finds Dirk and just like in the movie, corner Dirk against the elevator doors.  Dirk gets in the elevator but the doors won’t close fast enough.  In the movie, Hatchetman is able to stop the elevator with his hatchet. 

Face Off

Dirk runs into the morgue and finds Dean. Dean yells at Dirk for leaving Stewart’s room.  Dirk tells Dean that the Hatchetman is there. Hatchetman rises from one of the beds.  Dean faces Hatchman/Jordan and tells him to walk into the light or he will make him. Hatchetman doesn’t want to comply, so they start fighting. Dean is having a blast.

Jared Padalecki as Sam and Genevieve Buechner as Samantha Juarez — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved

Sam explains to Samantha how a haunting can occur when a spirit is attached to an object.  Except that Jordan is moving around.  Samantha thinks the object is a keychain with the store keys on it.  Jordan used that keychain and passed it on to them.  Stewart had it because he closed the store.  Stewart’s mom took them back to the store which is how Jordan was able to possess the Hatchetman figure.  Then Hatchetman took the keys with him. 

Hatchetman is able to knock Dean down.  Dirk tries to help Dean, turning Hatchetman’s attention on him.  Dean stops him from attacking Dirk and Hatchetman puts Dean in a chokehold.   Sam and Samantha show up and yell at Dean to get the keychain.  He is able to grab it and throws it at Sam. Sam and Samantha set the keychain on fire, causing Jordan’s spirit to leave the Hatchetman figure. The figure falls over.   Samantha asks about Jordan, and Sam tells her that he’s in a better place.  


Sam and Dean leave. Dean thanks Sam for getting him out of his funk. Dean is super excited he got to fight Hatchetman.  Sam asks Dean to stop hiding in his room. He says Dean did the right thing when  he said yes to Michael. What happened when michael took over is not Dean’s fault.  Dean agrees that he can’t stay cooped up in his room and he will help more.

The clock hits midnight and Halloween is over. Dean asks Sam why he hates Halloween.  When Sam was in the 6th grade, he was invited to a party hosted by Andrea Howell. Sam had a huge crush on Andrea.  They were bobbing for apples. When it was Sam’s turn, he was so nervous that he threw up.  To make things worse, he threw up on Andrea.   He ran and hid in the woods until Dean found him. 

Dean loves his story, but tells Sam to get over it.  He promises Sam that they will do Halloween right the next year.  He suggests several costumes that they can dress in…Batman and Robin…Scooby Doo and Shaggy…Thelma and Louise! Just put it in drive and go!


Barry Nerling as Hatchet Man/David Yaeger — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved

Back at the hospital, a guard checks the morgue and the lights go out.  He looks around and finds the hatchets.  They are laying next to the Hatchetman figure that start talking on its own!

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This was a cute episode. Everyone knows Dean loves movies. So watching him play out one of his favorite movies is amazing.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to play out my favorite movies. 

Oh Dean…the more I watch you geek out, the more I love you.  It’s fun to watch him fanboy over his favorite shows and movies.  I can relate to Dean on so many levels. 

I love these themed adventures.  It’s a nice break from the overlaying story arc.  and it gives us a chance to see the silly side of the Winchesters. Every show should do this.  


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