I’m going into this episode of Supernatural cautiously.  Dean (Jensen Ackles) is back, but it was way to easy.  Sam (Jared Padalecki), Mary (Samantha Smith) and Bobby (Jim Beaver) have been looking for him for a little over a month. And out of nowhere, Michael up and leaves?  Come on! These Angels are tricksy!

Meanwhile, Jack (Alexander Calvert) is still human.  Cas (Misha Collins) is torn between being there for Jack and wanting to find Dean.  And keeping an eye on their special guest Nick (Mark Pellegrino), who has officially disappeared.  There are a lot of unanswered questions and loose ends.  Whew! Where do we start?

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Welcome Home Dean!

Dean is having such a hard time now that he’s back. He just can’t seem to get used to seeing Sam with a beard!  Sam tries to says he’s been kind of busy to take care of the beard, but Dean just doesn’t like it! HaHa!  All jokes aside, the Winchesters are back together.  And yes, this is the real Dean Winchester.  Michael has left his body, but where did he go?  Dean doesn’t know. He remembers giving consent to Michael, then opening the doors to face Lucifer (Pellegrino).  Everything after that has been a blur. 

Dean is surprised to see so many people living in the bunker. And he’s especially happy to reunite with Castiel and Jack.  It seems that Bobby and Mary stayed behind in Duluth to clean up Michael’s mess. Sam keeps asking Dean if he’s okay. He says he is, but you just never know with Dean.

Supernatural — “The Scar” — Jared Padalecki as Sam, Jensen Ackles as Dean, and MIsha Collins as Castiel. Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved

Dean decides to take a shower and get some rest.  As he is getting ready for the shower, he notices a new scar on his arm.  He has a flash of a memory as Michael. A dark figure stabs him in the arm.  He tells the others about the scar.  They call Sheriff Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes) to tell her about the scar. And they suspect that the thing that killed Kaia (Yadira Guevara-Prip) is in this world now.  They ask if she has seen anything unusual.  Jody just happens to be investigating three murders. They have three headless bodies with the same scar. How’s that for unusual?

Jack asks to go with Dean and Sam, but they tell him to stay home.  Of course this upsets Jack who is eager to jump back into action. He feels responsible for what happened to Kaia.  Jack leaves to pout.  Dean feels bad, but then one of the new hunters brings in an young girl.  She is the only survivor of a witch attack and she’s hexed.  They killed the witch with a special witch killing bullet, but the curse is still on the girl.  Cas stays behind to help the girl.

Boy With Purpose

Poor Jack. He feels useless. So writes a note to the boys and is ready to leave the bunker.  On the way out, he sees the young hexed girl.  Her name is Lora. Cas tells him that they are trying to reverse the spell on her.  Jack is very interested and decides to say. 

Jack sits with Lora to comfort her. They talk about their “parents.” Lora thinks her mom hates her.  She says she ended up with the witch because was nice.  There were two other girls with her and she felt like they were a family. The witch even bought her a nice pendant. Then one day the witch turned mean.  The other girls were hexed too.  Jack say Cas will help her and fix this, but Lora gets worse.

Supernatural — “The Scar” — Alexander Calvert as Jack. Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved

Cas and the hunter use a reversal spell on Lora. They called Rowena for an ingredient list and instructions. They chant a spell as they mix the ingredients.  Jack watches on, concerned that Lora is fading fast.  They throw the spell at Lora. At first she doesn’t feel anything. But soon her body shrivels up and she dies. 

Break the Curse

Jack is very sad about Lora’s death.  He’s angry that he could have saved her with his powers that he hasn’t gotten back. Jack starts thinking and asks to see the witches body.  They take him to the morgue. He asks if the witch killing bullet is still in the witch’s body.  It is. 

Jack remembered that the witch told Lora that the girls kept her young. She was stealing their youth.  And even after being shot, the witch’s hex continued to work, draining Lora’s lifeforce.   Because the witch was dead, the hex worked harder to make her young, draining Lora faster.  

Jack figures out that it was Lora who was cursed. It was the pendant she wore around her neck. The witch has a pendant too.  Jack take the pendant and destroys it. When the pendant breaks, it sends the life force back into Lora.  Lora comes back to life and she is back to normal. 

The Boys Are Back In Town

On the way to Sioux Falls, Sam expresses his concern about why Michael left, where he might be and what he’s up to.  And Dean hasn’t talked about the whole ordeal.  Sam was very worried about him the entire time he was gone.  He needs Dean to talk to him, but Dean just isn’t.  He tells Sam to call Jody instead.


Supernatural — “The Scar” — Kim Rhodes as Sheriff Jody Mills and Jared Padalecki as Sam WinchesterPhoto: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved

Jody meets the guys in a wooded area. She’s excited to see Dean, but more excited about Sam’s beard! They ask about the girls. Alex and Patience are thriving and Clare is still Clare. Jody is avoiding her.  She goes over the details of her headless bodies case.  They decide to go to the location where the bodies were found. 

Dean suggest they split up and look, but is shot down.  They trek through the woods and find three vampire heads on sticks.  These must be the heads that match the bodies that Jody found. Jody says they tested the blood of the bodies, including tests for vampires and werewolves. They didn’t find any trace of supernatural blood. They also find a camp nearby.  It’s recently abandoned, so they look around the camp for signs of the Bad Place phantom.  The phantom jumps Dean.  He tries to fight the phantom off.  The phantom flips over and the hood comes off.  It’s Kaia!  They want to find her and ask so many questions. 

Wayward Girl

Dean tracks Phantom Kaia.  Sam thinks Michael sent the vampires to Sioux Falls to hunt Phantom Kaia.  These vampires are immune to dead man’s blood the same way the werewolves in Duluth are immune to silver.  This has to be Michael’s bidding.  Dean comes up with a plan and walks away. Jody and Sam follow, but have no idea what he’s up to.

Jody gets a call from Clare while they are searching and Jody is still avoiding her. She doesn’t think Clare can handle seeing the phantom look like Kaia.  Jody changes the subject and asks how Dean really is. Sam says Dean is working something out, by himself. He’s not sure if Dean was ready for a big case.


Supernatural — “The Scar” — Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved

Phantom Kaia finds an abandoned cabin. She drinks some water and grabs something from a bag.  She leaves the cabin and runs into Dean.  After a quick skirmish, they are able to tie Phantom Kaia to a chair to ask her questions.  Here’s what we learned. She is not Kaia, she’s her Doppelganger.  Phantom Kaia says killing the real Kaia was an accident. She mean to kill Clare.  She remembers encountering Michael/Dean, but knows that Michael is gone.  However, Michael is sending monsters after her.  That’s what she is scared of.  

The Spear

The vampires show up outside of the cabin.  Jody wants to take Phantom Kaia back to her station. Dean wants to torture answers out of her.  He wants to know where she hid her weapon. That weapon hurt Michael.  He will do whatever it takes to get that spear. 

Dean yells at Phantom Kaia to tell him where the weapon is.  She says he’s just like Michael and he always has been.  The Phantom knows how Dean treated Kaia when they first met. He was just as mean. Sam figures out that the Phantom is a dreamwalker just like Kaia. They have been connected their entire lives.  Phantom Kaia returns to telling Dean that he’s scared and weak because Michael hurt her.  Michael hurt her too.

In a flashback, Michael approaches Phantom Kaia to talk to her.  He sensed her when he got to this world. Michael asks her to join his side if she gives him the spear.  Or she can fight and he will just take it.  They do fight, but the Phantom is able to knock Michael down and stab him in the arm with the spear. 

So that’s why Michael is sending monsters after Phantom Kaia. He wants the spear because he knows it will hurt him.  They are out of time though, the vampires have arrived at the door.  They confirm that they only want the weapon.  Jody and the Winchesters stand up to them, but the usual vampire weapons are ineffective.  Phantom Kaia is able to get out of her bounds and disappears. She returns in time to stab all of the vampires and cut off their heads.  Kaia leaves again after the fight is over.

Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself


Supernatural — “The Scar” — Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved

Everyone is okay, except Jody has a broken arm. Dean feels responsible and keeps trying to apologize. Jody doesn’t blame Dean though. She’s more worried about having to explain to Clare.  Jody is sad too . She didn’t really get a chance to know Kaia before she died.  Jody says she feels like she lost before she even began. 

Back at the bunker, Cas tells Jack that Lora is going home to her mom.  He apologizes for not being there for Jack as he tries to deal with losing his powers.  He is proud of Jack though because he contributed a lot without powers.  Cas says Jack has the mind of a hunter.  And when the Winchesters get home, they are going on a hunting trip.  Jack begins coughing. He shrugs it off as being human and getting his first cold.  As the night goes on Jack’s cough gets worse.  He reaches for a tissue and spits up blood.

Sam and Dean head home.  Dean says Sam was right.  He doesn’t like thinking about how Michael used him. He wants to race to the end of the story where he kills Michael. Dean blames himself for putting everyone in danger.  He says he felt like he was drowning when he was possessed.  He thought he could fight Michael, but he wasn’t strong enough. Now Michael is gone, out in the world, and creating a monster army. Dean says it’s all his fault.   

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I’m so glad they addressed the open ended Wayward Sisters story.  And left it open enough to return to Sioux Falls. I was disappointed that the spin off didn’t happen. It would be nice to show some strong female leads in this genre.   But it looks like they will be back.  Phantom Kaia’s spear can hurt, possibly kill Michael.  But who will be the one to use it? Dean? Jack?

OMG Jack!  Go tell Cas that your coughing up BLOOD!!  I’m so worried about him.  I was hopeful that he would stay on, so Dean and Sam would have someone to pass everything to.  But this doesn’t look good for Jack.  He just met his grandparents. He’s only a few months old. And he’s got so much to experience and learn!  Please don’t kill Jack!

OK.  The Winchesters always do this. One will go through a traumatic experience and shut down.  It usually takes them weeks, sometimes months to talk about their feelings. I’m glad Dean was able to express himself right away!  If anyone understands what he went through, it’s Sam! Dean should have opened up as soon as he got home!  I am glad Dean is back, but it would have been cool to see other sides of Jensen Ackles.  




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