The band is back together on Supernatural, with one goal in mind…save Mary (Samantha Smith) and Jack (Alexander Calvert).  Dean (Jensen Ackles), Sam (Jared Padalecki), and Castiel (Misha Collins) have enlisted a couple of old friends to help. Rowena (Ruth Connell), who is alive after  casting a resurrection spell so she cannot die. And Gabriel (Richard Speight Jr.)…yep he’s alive too. Gabriel revealed last week that he faked his death to get away from his family but was double crossed by Loki and sold to Asmodeus.  They have what they need to get to the Apocalypse world. There’s one outlying factor that they kind of forgot about…Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino). Can they “Beat the Devil” to Jack?

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We start our story as Cas and Jack watch Dean his seventh slice of pizza.  Mary says Dean has always eaten a lot.  Sam and Mary start to clean up.  Sam takes the opportunity to make sure Mary is okay.  She looks happy and says she knew her boys would save her. She smiles at Sam and starts repeating his name over and over.  Sam is worried, unsure of what’s going on. And then Sam hears his alarm.  It was all a dream.


Ruth Connell as Rowena and Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchster in Supernatural, Beat the Devil,

It’s a big day in the bunker.  It’s the day that Team Winchester goes to the Apocalypse World to save Mary and Jack!  Rowena has all of the ingredients but one. When Gabriel hands over his grace, there’s not much there. And it’s not enough to open the rift.  They need more Archangel grace. There is another Archangel on Earth…Lucifer.

Sam immediately says no. Dean takes Sam and Cas into the next room to hash it out.  Cas argues that Lucifer is their responsibility. They let him out of his cage after all. Dean makes a point that even if they do get Lucifer’s grace, they only 24 hours to find Mary and Jack and get back to reality.  Sam comes up with a plan and they head back to the library. While they weigh the pros and cons of finding Lucifer, Rowena and Gabriel weigh the pros and cons of hooking up in the library. The pros win…both arguments.

Lucifer is on Earth.  He’s at a small bar, drowning his sorrows. Nothing has gone quite the way he planned. And to make it worse, he can’t even sense his son’s presence anymore.  He thinks nothing matters anymore. The bartender consoles Lucifer by saying Jack will come around. Lucifer realizes…he didn’t tell the bartender Jack’s name.  That’s when things get weird for Lucifer. His vision is blurry, he’s disoriented and seeing dead people….like Gabriel and Rowena. Oh wait! They’re really there! Rowena binds Lucifer, Gabriel knocks him out  and they take him back to the bunker.


Mark Pelegrino as Lucifer, Ruth Connell as Rowena Misha Collins as Castiel, Richard Speight Jr. as Gabriel, Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester and Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchster in Supernatural, Beat the Devil,

When Lucifer awakens, he sees all the people he loves to torture in the same room.  Sam’s plan worked! They have Lucifer and will now take his grace to open the rift; however, there’s is one brilliant part. Lucifer is their grace on tap…that’s right, they will drip him so they can remain in the Apocalypse World long enough to find everyone.  When they return, they all have good reasons to kill Lucifer. The rift opens and the boys prepare to leave. Rowena stays behind to watch Lucifer. That should be fun.

The boys have the most awkward landing in the Apocalypse world, especially for Gabriel and Castiel.  From what Dean learned the last time he was in this place, they have to head towards Dayton. That could take a couple of days to walk.  Along the way, Cas fills in Gabriel about the angel situation. Dean notices that Sam is in a better mood. Sam says they have been trying for a long time to get there. He finally feels like everything they want is within reach.

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They hear a scream.  Gabriel encourages them to ignore it, but that’s not the Winchester way. They find a man and woman fighting off a monster. The boys kill the monster and find it’s a vampire. This vampire is intense looking.  The couple say that when Michael started killing off the humans, he cut off a food source for the monsters. So they are wilder than the vampires in the Winchesters’ reality.

The couple tells Team Winchester that they were headed for Dayton too.  They cut through a tunnel, because going around would take too long. Once inside, they ran into the vampires, who killed their friends.  Team Winchester consider going around the tunnel, but they really want to find Mary and Jack and get home as soon as possible. Into the tunnel of vampires they go.  Bad idea!


Mark Pelegrino as Lucifer and Ruth Connell as Rowena in Supernatural, Beat the Devil,

Meanwhile, Lucifer tries reasoning with Rowena.  I mean…What does he expect? He not only killed her, he killed her Fergus! Lucifer starts talking about the day he killed her.  He asks her what it was like burning to death.  Triggering Rowena’s rage. She shoots back by telling Lucifer that Jack is being rescued by the only family he’s ever known. That sets off Lucifer and he is able to break his bonds. He holds Rowena by the throat, ready to kill her. Rowena is able to get a spell out that throws Lucifer into the rift!  Now what? How is Rowena supposed to keep the rift open without angel grace?

As if things can’t get any worse. Team Winchester makes their way through the vampire tunnel.  I can only describe this scene as a nailbiter. It’s dark. They are moving through the tunnel slowly and encounter a vampire or two. I literally jumped every time!  They are almost to the end when they are ambushed. Not only are they ambushed, but the vamps are able to hold Dean down, making him watch as two vamps grab Sam and bite him! They drag Sam away to feed on him!

Cas and Dean start to follow them, but there are too many vampires.  Cas tells a very upset Dean…he’s gone. They don’t have time to go after him.  Dean and Cas turn to the exit and leave the tunnel without Sam.

Dean, Cas, Gabriel and the girl they saved are the only ones who make it out. They keep going and find a border of sigils.  It’s too much for Cas to handle. Gabriel is able to turn the wards off. And they are approached by humans with guns. The last person to approach them is Mary.  She sees Dean and hugs him tightly. Then she notices that Sam is not there. Dean can’t say a word, he just looks at her with tears in his eyes.


Alexander Calvert as Jack and Misha Collins as Castiel in Supernatural, Beat the Devil,

But Sam isn’t dead! He wakes up in the tunnel and he’s not alone.  Lucifer is with him. Lucifer saved him! So what does Lucifer want in return?  He wants Sam to help him build a relationship with Jack. He wants to give Jack a present…Sam’s life. All Sam has to do is to tell Jack about his good deed and help Lucifer develop a relationship with Jack.  Or he will release the vamps that are waiting on the side to devour Sam.

Cas and Dean are reunited with Jack and Mary.  They tell them what happened to Sam.  Jack is upset that they didn’t go back for him. He yells at Gabriel to bring Sam back. Gabriel says he’s not strong enough.  Dean is still very upset and decides to go back for Sam’s body. Mary follows him, but they are frozen in their tracks when Sam walks into the camp.  Jack smiles at the sight of Sam. But all smiles fade when Lucifer walks up behind Sam. Everyone is stunned, especially Dean. Lucifer sees Jack and says hello for the first time to his son.

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There is a huge sense of satisfaction when the Winchesters went into the Apocalypse World.  Of course we knew it wouldn’t be easy. Yeah, Sam died, but we all knew he wouldn’t stay dead.  But that didn’t lessen the shock of his death. This show has a knack for bringing out the feels even when you know everything will be alright.  

So now, all they have to do now is go back to the rift right?  I’m sure Michael won’t just let them walk away.

And what about Lucifer?  Do they allow him to return to the correct reality? Or do they find a way to leave him behind, as they originally intended?      

And! Can they make it back for the angel grace runs dry?  

Will the boys get to see Bobby and Charlie one last time?  

There are only two episodes left in Season 13.  Get ready for some intense action!

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