Angels seem to always create problems on Supernatural. The Winchesters found what they needed to get to the apocalypse world.  BUT! They need more angel grace to get back. And not just any angel grace, they need ArchAngel grace. There are only one Archangel that has been seen lately…Gabriel (Richard Speight Jr.). When they found Gabriel, he wasn’t in the best shape. The boys nursed him back to health and he just left! What is he up to? Gabriel obviously has some “Unfinished Business”

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Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are working with Rowena (Ruth Connell) to locate Gabriel. They find he’s in a small town and head there to talk him to helping them.  Gabriel is pretty busy though. He has a kill list and finds the first victim alone on the street. This is no ordinary man though. He has fangs and claws, very much like a werewolf. Gabriel and the man fight, leaving Gabriel severely wounded.

In need of patching up, Gabriel shows up at the boys door. He says he hoped they still had some of his grace. They used what they had to open the portal.  Gabriel is running low and takes a nap to recharge. When he wakes, he feels he’s strong enough to leave.


Fletcher Donovan as Sleipnir and Michael Adamthwaite as Narfi – Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW

Not quite yet, Gabriel.  The brothers of the man from the earlier fight show up. Gabriel hides, while Sam and Dean fight them off.  Gabriel kills one of the brothers and the last one escapes. Gabriel is still to weak to run, which is the perfect time to put him in handcuffs.  So the big question is…who are these dudes? What do they want with Gabriel?  Let’s recap.

Gabriel faked his death and ran away. He hooked up with some Norse demigods. They partied with porn stars, played some cards and then sold Gabriel to Asmodeus. This was around the time of the first apocalyptic threat that Lucifer was supposed to win.  The demigods had to get rid of Gabriel before Lucifer found out they were hiding him. So Gabriel wants revenge. Gabriel is carrying around four swords, one for each brother and their father, Loki.  Yeah…that Loki.

Gabriel and Loki used to be friends.  Eons ago, Gabriel freed him from Loki’s father.  So when Gabriel wanted out of the war between his brothers, he called in a favor.  Gabriel ditched his identity and became Loki. Meanwhile Loki went off the grid. When Gabriel needed help again, he went to Loki. Loki’s betrayal stings even more because the torture that Asmodeus put Gabriel through.  Gabriel wants to kill everyone who was involved in his torture.

Dean tells him that none of that should matter. When they needed him the most, Gabriel ran away. Gabriel gets angry about how Asmodeus tortured him and fed on his grace, every day! You don’t forgive what he went through.

Sam gets it. Dean says killing Loki won’t change what he went through and may not make him feel better.  Sam points out that Gabriel is low on grace and Loki knows he’s coming. Dean pulls Sam aside saying that revenge is a waste of time. Sam says Gabriel needs their help.  So they make a deal with him. If they help Gabriel with Loki, he has to help them. Gabriel agrees.

Meanwhile, in the Apocalypse world, Jack (Alexander Calvert) tells Mary (Samantha Smith) that they are winning the war. He has been able to defeat armies of angels, saving dozens in the process. Those dozens are ending up in their camp though, and Mary says they are running out of space and resources. They get a report that the angels have left their fort.  They run to the fort and find a map with strategically placed toy soldiers all in one area. Mary thinks it’s a trap. Jack wants to go to their location on the map and destroy them.


Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester and Osric Chau as Kevin Tran – Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW

They find the prophet, Kevin Tran (Osric Chau) locked in a the dungeon. He tells them that Michael (Christian Keyes) forced him to create a spell that would open a rift to Mary and Jack’s world.  Now Jack really wants to go after Michael, but Mary convinces him to wait for Bobby (Jim Beaver).

Gabriel and the Winchesters prepare to meet Loki and his last son Sleipnir (Fletcher Donovan).  Gabriel already knows where they are held up. He’s been tracking Loki for a while. Dean asks why he hasn’t gone after him yet.  Gabriel says you don’t go after the big bad first. You work up to him. He shows Dean his kill list. Dean says it’s stupid, but Gabriel has been planning this for seven years. The plan in is to go in, kill Sleipnir, and then go after Loki.

Gabriel and the Winchesters follow Sleipnir to Loki’s hotel room.  He tells the brothers that he will be the one to kill Loki. When the elevator door opens, Sleipnir orders his bodyguards to get Gabriel.  Gabriel snaps his fingers and the lights go out. A gun fight starts, and when the light come back on, Gabriel has Sleipnir on the ground. Easy kill.  

Jack tells Mary that he can’t wait. He’s going after Michael. Mary tries to talk Jack out of leaving saying she can’t lose another boy.  Jack promises to come back. Kevin stops him and reveals a sigil carved into his chest. Michael left Kevin behind to kill Bobby and the other leaders of the human resistance.  He wanted Jack to see it happen, so it will break him. Michael promised Kevin that he will get to see his mom again. Mary tries to talk him down, but Kevin just wants it all to be over.  Kevin apologizes and touches his chest. Jack protects Mary and everyone else in the room is killed.


Alexander Calvert as Jack — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW

Jack blames himself for the humans dying in that room.  Mary says they can prepare all they want and never see something like this happening. Jack wonders what’s the point.

Dean is missing. Sam assumes Dean went after Loki. And he would be right.  Loki (Speight) sold Gabriel to Asmodeus because he blames him for Odin’s death. Dean says Lucifer killed Odin, not Gabriel.  Loki says when he agreed to give Gabriel his identity, part of the deal was that Gabriel would leave his family drama behind.  Gabriel broke their deal and Odin died. Loki says despite the fact that Odin hated him, that was his father. He asks Dean what he would do for his father. Dean stabs Loki, but he’s not really there, or is he?  He can’t hit dean, but Dean can’t hit him. Sam runs in and shoots Loki. Loki disappears.

The Real Loki is in the hallway waiting for Gabriel. Loki knocks Gabriel around, reminding him that he broke his promise.  The Winchesters show up and watch Loki beat the crap out of Gabriel. Dean slides a wooden sword to Gabriel. Gabriel is able to get up and hold Loki against the wall. Loki calls him a joke and failure. Loki says he stands for nothing and will die for nothing.  Gabriel kills Loki.

Gabriel thanks the Winchesters for helping him and asks how they are going to handle the other world Michael.  The boys are surprised that he’s actually on board.  Sam asks how he’s feeling after killing Loki, he says he’s a whold new guy.  They head back to the bunker.  Rowena is working on the demon tablet while Gabriel settles in. All is good right? Well maybe…

Sam asks Dean why he went after Loki alone. And he went to the Apocalypse World without Sam. What’s with the sidelining?  Dean reminds him that after the last apocalypse, Sam went to Hell.  He’s not going to apologize for trying to protect Sam.  Sam says from now on they do things together. They save their mom together, and if they die, they will do that together too. Dean can help but smile. 



Sam and Dean’s last conversation scares me a little. With this show, anything can and will happen.  I also remember Death saying she would see Dean soon. Is Dean goign to sacrifice himself to save his family?

I have feeling Jack will stay in the Apocalypse world to help those people defeat the angels.  He feels responsible for them. How can he leave them now?  

And the one person who can change everything, Lucifer…where is he?  

BTW: this episode was directed by Richard Speight Jr.  How awesome was that fight of Speight vs. Speight?!

So much to answer before the finale. There are three episodes left. 


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