DISCLAIMER: This Preacher recap contains more spoilers than the number of blood bags in Cassidy’s fridge. Say a prayer and proceed at your own risk. 

Welcome back, NOLA residents! Preacher returned tonight with a much-needed trip to Hell, as well as a glimpse into the relationship between a vampire and his dying son. We saw Eugene try to out-bad Hitler so he can fit in with the baddies downstairs. But we know better, oh beloved Arseface. Tulip made friends with a very familiar face – Lara Featherstone. Or is it Jenny now? Jesse tried to glean answers from God’s audition tape, but unfortunately his efforts bore no fruit. Cassidy struggled with a moral quandary – turn Denis into a vampire, or let him die. Of course, Preacher ended on a cliffhanger that was open to interpretation. I believe Cass might have had a change of heart. 

Alright, Almighty seekers, ready to delve into tonight’s episode? Grab a blood bag, a Bible and a box of Boo Berry cereal (in case you get the munchies)! 

On Wednesdays, we wear grey.

We open with Eugene (Ian Colletti) doing reps in the holding cell in Hell. He’s shirtless, and we see a large tattoo that says “Tracy” scrawled across his back. As of this moment, everyone is still waiting for the electrical problems to be resolved so they can go back to their individual Hell scenes. Eugene stomps about the space, preening like a peacock, making a show of how “bad” he really is. Ms. Mannering (Amy Hill) makes her entrance, the Big Bad Boss herself. She drops her pen and a man stoops to pick it up. This is automatically a no-no. Why would anyone try to be a decent person in Hell? Mannering immediately has him thrown in the Hole. She vows that it’s much worse than anything they’ve experienced thus far. 

Flashback time! We see Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) visiting the newborn baby ward in a hospital in 1946. He’s there for, presumably, Denis. He begins singing an Irish tune to his infant son. Cass vows to be the best father to Denis, and promptly takes a swig from his hip flask. Well, if I ever have trouble sleeping I’ll call on Cassidy to sing me an Irish lullaby. 

When you’re Irish, you introduce whiskey at an early age.

Flash forward time! Present day. Cassidy is watching a grown Denis (Ronald Guttman) try to sleep, with intermittent wheezing disturbing his rest. Cass moves to cover his son with a blanket and asks him via an app on his phone if the latter needs anything. Denis meets his father’s eyes with a stony gaze. Cassidy still refuses to turn him into a vampire. 

Later, Cassidy finds Tulip (Ruth Negga) in the kitchen, perusing a magazine. He asks her if she’s still having nightmares, to which she ignores. Instead, Tulip changes the subject by asking him if he wants to go back to The Hurt Locker. Cass gently reminds her that it’s late and he must stay with Denis. Tulip wishes him goodnight and, after he leaves the kitchen, she goes out by herself. 

Then, Cassidy notices that Denis is on his feet, vehemently shouting French into the translator app on his phone. He begins wheezing once more, and Cassidy catches the old man before he takes a tumble. Cassidy hears, thanks to said app, that Denis was demanding for his father to bite him. Seems like Cassidy is stuck between a rock and a hard place. 

Later, we see The Grail has already set up shop in Denis’s apartment complex. Lara Featherstone (Julie Ann Emery) and F.J. Hoover (Malcolm Barrett) are currently keeping close tabs on Jesse, and we see they’re watching him as he leaves the apartment. F.J. asks about Herr Starr’s arrival, and Lara responds that the Boss Man is en route. Time for some fun with the preacher!

Meanwhile, Jesse (Dominic Cooper) finds Cassidy observing the doctor that’s examining Denis. Denis’s doctor knows that nothing else can be done to alleviate his pain, save for Cassidy making him as comfortable as possible. Jesse informs his mate that he’s going out to get the picture quality on God’s audition tape enhanced. Hopefully this will help with reading the serial number on the gun that took God’s life, or see who actually pulled the trigger. Cassidy then asks Jesse for a favor – to potentially use Genesis to cure Denis. Jesse reminds Cass that Genesis doesn’t “work that way,” to the latter’s disappointment. Help a friend out, padre! Better than the alternative (a creature of the night). 

Later, Jesse runs into Tulip as he’s leaving. She seems distant, aloof and preoccupied. There’s a rift forming between our lovebirds, and I don’t like it. Jesse is perturbed that Tulip was out all night at The Hurt Locker. Tulip asks Jesse if she can join him on his God adventures for the day and he relents. 

Pictured: Dominic Cooper

Then, our pair ends up waiting in line for the Dork Docs (also a cool band that does geeky song parodies – well, I may have made that up). He asks the two “Dork Docs” Burt (Atkins Estimond) and Arnie (Johnny Ballance) if they can help him magnify the picture quality of the God video “like in the shows.” They initially laugh him off, but Jesse warns them not to be alarmed by what they’re about to watch. Of course, such a foreshadowing is enough to whet the palette of any old schmuck. So, they decide to work their magic on the tape. 

Meanwhile, Tulip purchases a brand new refrigerator while waiting for Jesse. Yes, Dork Docs also doubles as a household appliance store. I love multi-purpose places! She insists on making the purchase since Denis’s fridge is broken, and the hole in the wall made by The Saint is a sight for sore eyes. 

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Later, Mannering pays another visit to our baddies in the holding cell, depositing the man who made a trip to the Hole. She informs the group that they’ve discovered the root of their electrical problem. Each personal Hell scenario is powered by a certain amount of energy. Even the quantity of lost souls in Hell affects the efficacy of the scenario generator’s power. Then, Mannering reveals that someone is in Hell who shouldn’t be. Someone doesn’t belong. One of these things is not like the other…

So, we obviously know it’s Eugene. He didn’t actually die, Jesse just sent him to Hell using Genesis. Mannering asks for whoever it is to step forward, and they’ll be promptly returned to wherever they’re supposed to be. We see Eugene almost raise his hand…almost. Hitler (Noah Taylor) watches with a smirk. He knows it’s Eugene, but keeps quiet. Suddenly, everyone begins raising their hands. We see a handful of lost souls make their cases for why they don’t belong in Hell. Hitler speaks with Eugene privately as all this goes on, and reveals that he knows the latter’s secret. Of course, tough guy Eugene tries to brush The Fuhrer off. 

Pictured: Noah Taylor as…You Know Who.

Then, a girl loses her balance and trips. Eugene immediately rushes to help her to her feet. And, as if he had a giant red “A” painted across his chest, all eyes turned to Eugene. We see the door slid open, revealing Mannering in all her hellish glory. Uh oh. This won’t end well for our Arseface. 

Later, Tulip’s new fridge is being installed, and thankfully it covers the gaping bullet hole in the wall left by The Saint. Meanwhile, Denis is enveloped in a nasty bout of coughing that produces blood, to Cassidy’s chagrin. Cass tucks in his son and heads to the kitchen to grab him clean towels. He decides to ask Tulip if, given the choice, she would want to be a vampire like him. Initially her answer is yes, since vampires live for eternity.

But, our Cassidy gives us a monologue that makes her think twice. He talks about the utter loneliness that comes with immortality, and watching all of your loved ones die. Cass also mentions how he used to love going to the beach, but now he can’t stand sunlight. Yes, he can basically regenerate limbs and is impervious to death, but what good is that if he’s alone all the time? Gilgun serves up a steaming plate of understated brilliance with this monologue. He’s honestly one of my favorite actors on the show because of how nuanced his performances are. 

Meanwhile, Jesse is still waiting on the results of his picture enhancing request. We see a commercial for “Grail Industries” playing behind him. Foreshadowing, perhaps? They seem to have their hands in all the cookie jars. Then, the Dork Docs call his name. They proudly show him the fruits of their labor. Unfortunately, the serial number on the gun is nonexistent because the Dork Docs erased it. Why? They assumed Jesse was the one holding the gun. Well don’t assume, boys. Jesse tells them that he needed to see the gun’s serial number, to figure out who was behind the God shooting. Thankfully, he sees a reflection in the camera lens of the video that could be a potential clue. A face, perhaps. He implores the Dork Docs to magnify said reflection. 

Later, we see Tulip covering the hole in the wall with spackling. Then, she takes her tools and goes into each apartment that’s been vacated thanks to The Saint. Well, by vacated I mean the inhabitants died. She opens the door to one apartment that has yellow crime scene tape crisscrossed over the door frame, and blood spattered all over its interior. Tulip begins administering spackling over the bullet holes. 

Don’t mess with Mannering.

Meanwhile, Mannering throws Eugene down the Hole. Once below, we see a generator whirring above his head, similar to the one in his personal Hell. The same scenario with Tracy (Gianna LaPera) commences, except this time when Eugene confesses his love for her it’s reciprocated. Eugene cries tears of joy, shocked that things are going so well. Our lovebirds embrace and burst into song. Colletti’s voice is not too shabby.

Then, we hear a toilet flush. Our pair isn’t alone. Tracy informs Eugene that unfortunately he didn’t confess his feelings in time, and she’s already pledged herself to God. Jesse strolls out of the bathroom. Eugene is heartbroken, and watches in horror as Jesse makes out with Tracy. He thrusts the shotgun in their direction, but eventually turns it on himself. Wow, the Hole really is worse. 

Later, Cassidy is assisting Denis in the bathroom. As Cass draws a bath for his son, the latter pleads with him in English. “Papa, please,” he whispers. Preacher also likes to tug at my heartstrings from time to time. 

Pictured: Ronald Guttman and Joseph Gilgun

Next, we see Eugene being thrown back in the holding cell in Hell. He crawls on to a cot and attempts to sleep. Hitler is in the bed below him. He reminds Eugene that Mannering only gave him a taste of the Hole – if she discovered he didn’t belong in Hell she would do worse things to him. Hitler then makes a proposition with our fair Arseface – total and complete escape. Yes, Hitler wants to help Eugene escape from Hell. This is a buddy road trip comedy in the making, guys! 

The Hole is no joke.

Later, Tulip is standing in front of the last apartment in the hallway. She knocks on the door. We see it’s the very same apartment that Lara and F.J. are in. After asking Tulip a few questions from behind the door, Lara reluctantly opens said door to receive our girl. She’s now sporting a dark blonde wig. Mistress of Disguises, this one. 

Then, the Dork Docs call Jesse over with their latest results. They were able to magnify the picture, but unfortunately the reflection Jesse saw wasn’t a face – it was a coffee mug. Jesse is at a loss, considering this was his only lead. He leaves the store without taking the God audition tape. The boys destroy the disc, and we see that it’s the property of “Grail Industries.” Again, they’ve got their hands in everything. 

Meanwhile, Tulip is fixing the holes in Lara’s wall. Well, she introduces herself to Tulip as Jenny. We see F.J. is hiding in a closet, observing the interaction. Our duo bonds over their love of Boo Berry cereal. Cereal really is the glue that holds people together. Tulip invites Jenny out for some harmless fun at The Hurt Locker. You know, everyone loves to get shot while wearing bullet proof vests. Jenny graciously accepts. And so the seed is planted…

Later, Cassidy calls a man named Seamus. He informs the mystery man that he has a son who’s dying. Seamus knows exactly what Cassidy is thinking of doing, and urges him not to go through with turning Denis into a vampire. Then, Cassidy peeks in on Denis. He begins singing the Irish tune from the flashback scene. We see a look of resolution in his eyes. Perhaps Cassidy has changed his mind? The screen goes black. 

Preacher knocked it out of the park this week, as always. Highlights of the episode: Cassidy, Cassidy, Cassidy. Gilgun is an excellent actor, and the more screen time he receives, the better. My heart was breaking for him throughout the episode as he struggled with the decision of turning Denis and reflected on his own time as a vampire. Runner up: Eugene, our sweet little Arseface. I’m glad we pushed his story forward, and am curious to see how Hitler helps Eugene escape Hell. Tulip befriending Lara might mean trouble, but perhaps she will have more answers on God that’ll help our heroes. 

Do you think Hitler truly wants to help Eugene escape? Will Cassidy actually turn Denis into a vampire? Where does Jesse go from here? What is Grail Industries’s true endgame? Where is God? Join me next week for some good ol’ fashioned Preacher fun!

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Preacher airs Mondays at 9pm on your AMC affiliate. 



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