We have just about hit the halfway mark of Jupiter’s Legacy. I honestly want this story to go on forever. The attention to detail Steven S. DeKnight has given the Netflix adaptation of Mark Millar and Frank Quitely‘s has been excellent. He and his team have brought these characters to life in a way I never thought imaginable. In the previous episode, we watched as George (Matt Lanter) tried to help Sheldon (Josh Duhamel) come to terms with his father’s (Richard Blackburn) death in 1929. In the present, Hutch (Ian Quinlan) fell on the wrong side of some terrible people. In episode four, “All the Devils Are Here,” Chloe (Elena Kampouris) goes into a downward spiral and hits rock bottom. In 1929 Sheldon tries to search for answers to his visions.

Disclaimer: This is a recap and, by nature, will contain spoilers for Jupiter’s Legacy. If you haven’t watched it, I highly suggest you do so. Viewers can find the entire first season here on Netflix.

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“All the Devils Are Here” opens with Chloe in a nightclub when he is approached, well bumped into, by a man named Nick (Franco Lo Presti). Chloe assumes he is just talking to her because he knows who she is. He asks her why she decided to not follow in her family’s footsteps, which throws her for a loop since everyone typically just wants to talk about her parents. As they are dancing, Chloe overhears another girl calling her name.

Janna (Kara Royster) rushes over to see her and shares that they are out celebrating her induction into The Union. Janna tries to convince her, but Chloe is reluctant to join them. It is pretty clear that Chloe doesn’t really want to associate with the younger supers and even goes as far as to say that they aren’t friends and never really grew up. After some convincing from Nick, Chloe decides to go up to drink all of their alcohol.

Janna returns to the private room to find Ruby (Gracie Dzienny) and some others snorting cocaine and it’s pretty clear that Janna is seen as a goody-to-shoes. Chloe finally shows up and she doesn’t seem to be too welcomed into the group, but Janna shares that everyone has known each other since they were kids. Chloe even helped protect Janna from bullies while she was waiting for her powers to manifest.

Ruby calls Chloe out for no longer caring enough to even show up to the funeral. At the same time, another super, Sierra (Aiza Ntibarikure), is angry Chloe didn’t even show up for the fight. She wants to know where Chloe was while they were laying their lives on the line. This breaks out into a battle between the two when Chloe tells her that she isn’t stupid enough to risk her life to fight crime like the rest of them. Sierra reminds Janna that Chloe doesn’t have any friends, which results in Chloe throwing the first punch. Before Sierra can retaliate, Nick shows off his own powers and slows down time long enough for them to get out of there.

Sheldon in Jupiter's Legacy.

Sheldon (Josh Duhamel) in Jupiter’s Legacy. Image courtesy of Netflix.

In 1929, Sheldon is walking through the desert. He comes across a man and his family on the side of the road. The gentleman (Scott McCord) initially believes that Sheldon is trying to steal his car, but Sheldon tells him that isn’t the case. He agrees to help the man in return for directions to the mysterious farm with the windmill. They aren’t sure where it could possibly be and the gentleman tells him that maybe he needs to head back to his family instead of going down this path.

Back in the present, Chloe and Nick head back to Chloe’s apartment to continue the party. Chloe asks Nick if he thinks she should have gone to their funeral and if she should have cared about her old friends that she lost. Nick tells her that this is her life and she needs to decide how she feels and what she needs to do and not let others decide that for her. This really strikes a chord with Chloe and the two share an intimate night together. The next morning Chloe wakes up late for her photoshoot and Nick only makes things worse by asking her to put in a good word for him since he plans on joining The Union. She gives him a right hook that sends him flying through her wall and out into the city.

“All the Devils Are Here” jumps back to the past as the family drops Sheldon off in the closest town in Kansas. He struggles with visions of his father trying to decide if he should call Jane (Meg Steedle). He eventually does and apologizes for everything that has been going on. She begs him to come home, but he sees a group of men fighting out in the street and he leaves her hanging while he goes out to try and defend the man. He ends up getting beaten up when a girl comes to help him. She finds his drawing and tells him that the windmill he drew is at the Old Miller farm.

We are then thrown back into the present, where Chloe shows up for her photoshoot. Everyone is stressed that she is late, but Chloe reminds them they are here to sell a car, not save the world. After a montage of outfit changes, snorting cocaine to stay awake, makeup touch-ups and Chloe modeling in front of a camera, things get a bit heated. The manager on set, Leighton (Jennifer De Lucia), reminds Chloe that the company wants her to do the “superhero pose.” This is based on a shot of her mother, Lady Liberty (Leslie Bibb), holding a car above his head.

Grace lifting a car abover her head in an image in Jupiter's Legacy.

Grace (Leslie Bibb) in Jupiter’s Legacy. Image courtesy of Netflix.

Chloe is entirely against the idea and tries to leave. Leighton starts taunting her about not being a real superhero and how just doing the photo will get her more money for drugs. So what is Chloe’s response? To pick up the car and throw it at her. Thankfully, no one was hurt. Chloe has the final word and storms out.

In 1929, Sheldon arrives at the farm, where things look to be abandoned. Sheldon starts to have the same visions over and over. Things seem a bit more precise and we can see that six individuals are entering this mysterious doorway. Sheldon shakes off the visions before heading into the house. The house seems to be abandoned and as Sheldon is looking around, the farmer (Kurtwood Smith) sneaks up behind him. He tells Sheldon that he has been waiting for him.

We are shifted to the present again, where Chloe is walking down the street. We hear her arguing with her agent on the phone. He eventually tells her that things aren’t working out and he is dropping her as a client. Just as the argument escalates, a rather fancy van slams right into the side of her. And it looks like the events of episode four have finally caught up with the events of episode three. We see the small fight between Hutch and his crew, which ends with Chloe picking up whatever was in the case.

Chloe returns to her apartment, where the hole she sent Nick through that morning is still there. It seems like everything from the day is finally hitting her all at once. She realizes that the bag she took from Hutch is another drug she can snort. Chloe decides to call her friends over to share her score.

“All the Devils Are Here” jumps back to Sheldon in 1929 at the farm in Kansas. The man believes that Sheldon is a trespasser from the bank, but Sheldon convinces him otherwise. Sheldon explains how he kept seeing the farm in his visions. The farmer shares that he knows about these visions and that he saw them too. Sheldon tries to get him to open up, but the farmer isn’t really interested in talking.

Eventually, the farmer opens up to Sheldon about when the visions started right after joining the navy. While at sea, they were caught in a storm that came out of nowhere. It was worse than anything they had ever seen. The ship tried to escape it, but the storm seemed to be alive and continued to follow them. At one point, the storm got so bad it knocked up the farmer badly. He broke a few bones in his body and now has this ringing that he hears on and off.

He asks Sheldon if he can hear the ringing too, but he realizes that Sheldon actually hasn’t been out at sea yet. The farmer never went back to sea after that, but the storm found him and the visions of endless circles just going around and around. The more the farmer talks, the worse Sheldon’s reactions seem to be, including seeing his dead father taunting him. The farmer realizes that Sheldon is seeing someone and asks if they were close. He warns Sheldon that they are always close and they always lie to you before he picks up the gun and shooting himself. Below the farmer’s dead body, Sheldon realizes that the blood shows a trap door hidden in the floor. He pries it up and finds a basement below.

Sheldon at the old farm in Jupiter's Legacy.

Sheldon (Josh Duhamel) in Jupiter’s Legacy. Image courtesy of Netflix.

We get a flash to the present where Carl (David Fraser), Chloe’s landlord, shows up to complain about her ignoring his eviction notice, the hole in her wall and the party. Chloe asks her friend to piece the wall back together and threatens to turn their powers on him if he doesn’t leave. Instead of continuing the fight, he leaves them to continue partying.

It then jumps back to 1929 as Sheldon makes his way into the farmer’s hidden basement. He finds the farmer’s family bodies all seated around a table and the drawings similar to his scribbled on the wall. He sees a watch very similar to his father’s and hears the farmer’s voice reading out numbers like coordinates and to go. Around the table, Sheldon sees a vision of a group of individuals. They include himself, his brother Walter (Ben Daniels), George, Grace, Fitz (Mike Wade) and two others we don’t know.

Sheldon seems to have a complete mental breakdown one moment and then the next, we see him emerge from the house just as Walter is pulling up. Sheldon looks like a completely different man and tells him that he is ready to come home now. We still hear the farmer reading out the numbers repeatedly and Sheldon may still be hearing the same thing.

We are taken back to the present, where Janna shows up at Chloe’s apartment to find her vomiting in the toilet. She tries to help her, but Chloe doesn’t want it. Janna just wants to help her, but Chloe accuses her of just wanting to be like Lady Liberty. Janna brushes off the comment and tries to get Chloe to get something to eat. Chloe knows that Janna doesn’t really like her and wonders why she is even trying to help. Instead of arguing with Chloe, Janna decides to leave. She reminds Chloe that she is better than what she is becoming, but Chloe believes otherwise.

Chloe returns to the living room and, for a moment, tries to decide if she is going to call her mother. However, she decides to break her phone instead of reaching out for help. Chloe reaches for the bag of drugs only to find a little bit left. She finishes off the bag before she completely loses it. She begins to have her own visions and she gets up and makes her way over to the tv, but before she can make it, she falls back into the glass table. “All the Devils Are Here” comes to a close as Hutch teleports in to find Chloe convulsing on the floor and an empty bag of drugs.

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This has been such an emotionally charged episode, continuing Jupiter’s Legacy’s streak of really making us fall in love with the characters – good and bad. In “All the Devils Are Here,” we can see how Chloe struggles with her place in this superhero society. Because her parents are The Utopian and Lady Liberty, she is held to this much higher standard by everyone else. In the first episode, she reminds us that she never wanted or asked for any of this. She has such conflicting viewpoints and mixed with other things in her life, she has gone down a very dangerous path.

In the 1929 storyline, we see Sheldon seeking out answers to his visions. This takes him to Red Foreman’s (honestly, I will never see him as anyone else) farm. I am curious if this is the farm the Sampson’s currently live on or just a coincidence. But as far as the story, Sheldon’s path to uncover these secrets has been pretty rough. He has these visions of his father and circles and an island and isn’t really getting answers – until now. The real question, though, is if this all in his head or is this leading somewhere. And how do the others play into this story?

I absolutely love this series! For a moment, I was upset that these last two episodes focused entirely on specific characters; I feel like, in the end, it has made things more streamlined. For shows with large ensemble casts, it can be hard to balance the different story points without constantly swapping back and forth. By dedicating an episode to a particular character, it gives them time to really explore their story. It allows us to grow attachments to them. No one feels lost among a sea of people and I love it this way.


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