DISCLAIMER: This Inhumans recap contains more spoilers than the number of times Gorgon has smashed inanimate objects with his hooves. Think of him as the “Hulk” of the Royal Family. You’ve been warned. Prepare for Terragenesis and enter at your own risk. 

Welcome back, Inhumans of Attilan! Inhumans aired its final episode of the season this week. Black Bolt vs. Maximus was the name of the game. Brother vs. Brother. True King vs. usurper. Inhuman vs. human. Okay, you get the picture. As per usual with any finale, s**t hit the proverbial fan. Lives were lost. Buildings were decimated. Louise finally reemerged after being absent for far too long. We all know she’s my favorite human. 

Alright, ready to delve into “…And Finally: Black Bolt?” Be sure to stand clear of Medusa when she’s angry. You won’t like her when she’s angry (I’m looking at you, Maximus). 

We open right where the penultimate episode ended – with Black Bolt (Anson Mount) and Maximus (Iwan Rheon). However, now Medusa (Serinda Swan), Triton (Mike Moh) and Crystal (Isabelle Cornish) have joined their King. Maximus reveals he has rigged the electrical circuitry in Attilan to only be generated via his palm print. If he doesn’t relinquish said palm print on the hour, the power in the city will falter and thus result in the decimation of Inhumans. Wow, first Black Bolt can’t kill Maximus without slaughtering the remainder of his people and now this? Maximus is a Grade A prick. 

Pictured (L to R): Mike Moh, Eme Ikwuakor, Mike Moh, Anson Mount, Serinda Swan and Isabelle Cornish. Your stylish Inhuman Royal Family.

So, what next? Black Bolt pulls Medusa and Crystal aside for a brief meeting. Black Bolt wishes to evacuate the whole of Attilan as a last resort, since it’s becoming increasingly clear that they’re running out of options. Medusa asks her sister for not only her help but Lockjaw’s as well. Who’s the good boy that’ll teleport everyone out of Attilan? Lockjaw is! Meanwhile, Black Bolt and Triton escort Maximus to the room that contains the device sorely in need of a usurper’s palm print. 

Then, we see Karnak (Ken Leung) roaming about the castle alone. He’s immediately taken into custody by Maximus’ guards and promptly tossed into The Quiet Room. Remember the room where Black Bolt could speak freely without affecting the greater populace, since it’s sound wave resistant? That one. 

Meanwhile, Medusa pays our girl Louise (Ellen Woglom) a much needed visit. Louise is over the moon (figuratively speaking, of couse) at her friend’s arrival. However, this is not a social call. Medusa needs the help of a human. 

Next, Gorgon (Eme Ikwuakor) is facing off against Dr. Declan (Henry Ian Cusick). Gorgon has just finished the Terragenesis process and is having a day. He’s finding it difficult to process it all. Call it a sensory overload. Well, the dude was dead for a while and now can count himself among the living once more. He turns on Dr. Declan, who begins pleading for his life. He brandishes a piece of the broken Terragenesis pod as a weapon. Honey, that won’t work on someone as strong as Gorgon. Unfortunately, Gorgon accidentally kills the good doctor. RIP doctor. 

Meanwhile, Black Bolt and Triton are still escorting Maximus. Maximus spots a slew of his guards and attempts to shout for help. Triton instantly and effectively disposes of said guards. Inhuman powers to the rescue!

Then, Gorgon is thrown into The Quiet Room, where Karnak currently is. Karnak is taken aback by the surprise appearance of his cousin. You know, the one he thought was still dead as a post. However, Gorgon doesn’t quite recognize him initially and is completely in fight mode. 

Next, Maixmus regales Black Bolt with a tale from their past – one that occurred after their parents died. Black Bolt initially didn’t want to take on the mantle of King. However, after their parents passed he ascended to the throne anyway, much to Maximus’ chagrin. Then, Maximus reveals that he understands sign language and can speak freely with Black Bolt. Once again, Maximus is Public Prick No. 1. In response, Black Bolt tells him that he became King out of necessity. Suddenly, the power system in Attilan wavers, and we see the dome protecting the city fades in and out with it. Time is running out. 

Pictured: Ken Leung and Mike Moh

Later, after some coaxing on Karnak’s part, Gorgon begins to remember the latter. He pleads with Karnak for help in readjusting to life. Then, in a fit of pure, unadulterated rage (his forte), Gorgon bursts through the side of The Quiet Room, thus providing an escape for the duo. Yay for brute strength!

Meanwhile, Crystal approaches Eldrac (Moses Goods) for aid. She asks him if he can transport Inhumans out of Attilan. That big ol’ slab of granite (is it granite?) acquiesces. 

Then, Maximus is sequestered away by his guards, effectively escaping his brother. Black Bolt and Triton run into Karnak and Gorgon. Gorgon is shocked to see Triton alive, and the feeling is mutual. Of course, Karnak is in deep water for submitting Gorgon to a second Terragenesis in the first place. 

Meanwhile, Maximus meets up with Auran (Sonya Balmores) at the site where Declan died. He hopes to immediately start his own Terragenesis process, with or without the doctor. However, he’s thrown for a loop whenever he discovers that the Terragen crystals are missing. Uh oh. Someone’s irate! Maximus summons Bronaja (Ari Dalbert), kid prophet extraordinaire. He asks Bronaja if he will retrieve said crystals and become the Inhuman King he’s meant to be. Bronaja has a vision and informs the usurper that yes, everything will work out in his favor. Interesting. 

Next, Maximus ventures to The Control Room and addresses the people of Attilan. He informs them to remain vigilante in their refusal of Black Bolt and his crew. Maximus, and only Maximus, will lead them to salvation. He will lead them to Earth. 

Then, back on Earth, Medusa enlists Louise with the task of protecting the Terragen crystals she confiscated from Maximus. That sneaky little thief. I love her. Next, one of Louise’s bosses arrives on the scene. She beseeches him to reach higher up in the chain of command, to inform the proper authorities of the arrival of 1,400 people. You know, said people that were evacuated from the Moon. Medusa asks Crystal to arrive with Lockjaw as proof. After she arrives with the giant teleporting dog, Louise’s boss begins to sing a different tune. After that plan is solidified Louise, knowing full well she won’t get to the Moon, asks Medusa to send her father with her. Well, the ashes of her late father, anyway. Medusa happily obliges. 

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Later, Medusa reunites with the crew and sees for herself that Gorgon is indeed alive and somewhat well. Medusa reiterates that there will be consequences on Karnak for bringing him back to life. Hey, he just wanted his cousin back. Next, Medusa proposes that she speak with Maximus alone. She might be able to convince him to step down and cease all the nonsense. Black Bolt reluctantly agrees to this. 

Pictured (L to R): Mike Moh, Eme Ikwuakor and Ken Leung. In other words, your new favorite boy band.

Next, Medusa meets with Maximus while under Auran’s protection. She tries to sway Maximus in her favor, but he won’t budge. Then, she dangles a single Terragen crystal like a carrot on a stick. Now he can go through the transformation process if he so wishes, as long as he abdicates the throne. Maximus refuses. Medusa, in a fit of rage, dashes the crystal to the floor, thereby smashing it into oblivion. Maximus orders Auran to kill Medusa right then and there, but Auran has promised her protection. You go, girl! Stand up to him!

Well, since that plan failed, time to enact Operation Last Resort: Evacuation. Medusa makes a heartfelt speech to the public with Black Bolt in tow. She explains the situation and their need to evacuate Attilan as soon as possible. Maximus watches with Auran from afar and is positively seething. It’s wonderful. Auran begins to see that Maximus is not who she thought he was. Finally, someone is seeing the light! Auran asks to take her leave of him. Maximus merely orders her to stand guard outside his door. Thankfully, she promptly ignores this order. 

Meanwhile, Crystal is leading hordes of Inhumans to Eldrac, where they will travel to Earth. Next, we see Medusa honor the promise of Louise by constructing a makeshift memorial for the latter’s late father. She buries his ashes under a pile of Moon rubble. Aw, how sweet. 

Now, everyone has been safely transported to Earth. Well, except the Royal Family. Black Bolt, at the last minute, contracts a bout of heroics and offers to stay behind. He plans to finish things off with Maximus once and for all. Medusa reticently, tearfully, agrees to this. Thus, Black Bolt is left behind as his family teleports with Lockjaw to Earth. 

Pictured: one super fly cape.

Later, Black Bolt meets with Maximus in The Control Room. Maximus has something heavy to confess. He reveals the truth behind the death of their parents. Maximus convinced Black Bolt that his parents planned to have the latter undergo a corrective surgical procedure for his voice. However, that was simply not true. Therefore, Black Bolt killed his parents for no reason. Maximus is so very, very frustrating. Black Bolt punches him in the face, which is all I’ve been wanting for the entire season. 

Then, when Maximus comes to, he sees they’re back in the bunker. Maximus is coming to terms with the fact that they’ll die soon. He didn’t proffer his palm print in time and the power shortages are becoming more frequent. The dome is about to disintegrate. Black Bolt hastily leaves his brother and locks him inside the bunker. Maximus demands to be released, but no one will hear his cries. Well, because they’re all on Earth now. Black Bolt is now standing outside the castle, watching the slow destruction of the city all around him. He utters “Goodbye, brother,” which promptly causes an avalanche of the castle to successfully block the entrance. His only two words of dialogue in the entire show. Lots of memorizing for Mount, I’m sure. 

Next, in despair and realizing he might not see his family again, Black Bolt luckily stumbles upon the crumbling Eldrac. Eldrac urges the King to travel through him while there’s still him that exists. Black Bolt surges through with gusto. Then, we finally see the dome above Attilan disappear for good. The city is dowsed in darkness, merely an abandoned ghost civilization on the dark side of the Moon. 

Later, we see our Royal Family is reunited once again on Earth. Yay for protagonists triumphing over evil! Louise is also with them (as she should be). Our family is dressing in their customary royal digs and ready to address their currently displaced people. Medusa takes the reins with Black Bolt’s urging. Yay for women in power! Medusa reminds the Inhumans that they’re home now. Earth was once their home, and it will be again. 

Well, that’s all they wrote, folks! Inhumans had an eventful, albeit brief, run. While there were some rough patches, overall I enjoyed this miniseries. What first season doesn’t have bumps in the road? Inhumans also acted as a tie-in with Agents of SHIELD. Which begs the question – what was the connection? If you noticed toward the end of the episode, the ancient lettering on the Attilan throne began to glow blue. Is there a Kree connection, perhaps? Or is it merely the introduction of the cosmic community that ties in with Agents of SHIELD, since Season 5 will start with our Agents not on Earth? Here’s hoping we find out soon. 

Do you think we’ll see a second season of Inhumans, perhaps detailing their exploits on Earth? Since Inhumans are being tested like lab rats, perhaps that could count as the Big Bad. Or do you believe one season is sufficient enough? What did you think of the Marvel miniseries? Be sure to sound off in the comments! 


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