DISCLAIMER: This Inhumans recap contains more spoilers than the number of times Medusa harassed an ATM machine to retrieve money. You need a debit card for that, My Queen. You’ve been warned. Prepare for war, and enter at your own risk. 

Welcome back, Inhumans of Attilan! Marvel’s Inhumans aired its third episode of the season this week. Our heroes are toiling away on Earth, separated. They’re fighting tooth and nail to reunite with one another. Hey, at least they’re in Hawaii and not Alaska. A tropical paradise is not the worst place to be lost in. Meanwhile, Maximus is wreaking royal havoc on Attilan, asserting his usurped authority every chance he gets. Black Bolt finally escapes jail, and narrowly misses Medusa. So close and yet so far! Karnak finds a new home amid illegal substance growers of some sort. Now, Karnak, drugs are a no-no. 

Now, are you ready to delve into “Divide and Conquer?” Make sure you endure your Terragenesis ceremony first. Your manifested Inhuman abilities will come in handy. 

Pictured: Iwan Rheon

We open on a lab in Santa Barbara, California. Dr. Evan Declan (Henry Ian Cusick), who owns said lab, is approached by his employee regarding the capture of Black Bolt. He’s handed a newspaper chronicling Black Bolt’s attack on policemen in Hawaii. Dr. Declan immediately boards a plane, knowing full well that Black Bolt is an Inhuman. I wish I had that kind of money, where I could fly anywhere at a moment’s notice. 

Then, Dr. Declan phones Oahu County Corrections. He speaks with an inmate named Sammy (Faleolo Alailima), and entrusts him with a task. Methinks Black Bolt is connected to Sammy in some way. 

Next, flashback time! We see a young Black Bolt (Lofton Shaw) and a young Maximus (Aidan Fiske) get schooled by their Kingly father on how to be, well, a king. Maximus, of course, longs for a place on the throne. However, Black Bolt is the one and only heir. Black Bolt professes his intense hatred of the position, citing that he wants to be his own person, not a King. 

Now, flash forward time! We’re back in the present, outside Oahu County Corrections. Press have amassed around Captain Pena (Carlos Arellano), hungry for more information on Black Bolt. Louise Fisher (Ellen Woglom), a reporter, cuts to the front of the crowd. She batters Pena with question after question. Pena admits that he doesn’t even know Black Bolt’s name (hint: it’s Black Bolt). Anyway, Pena refuses to let Louise see Black Bolt. She has her suspicions regarding our Inhuman King. 

Meanwhile, Medusa (Serinda Swan) stumbles upon the strangest metal contraption, one that evidently spews forth money. We call it an ATM here on Earth. Medusa calmly demands it give her money at once, not realizing you need a debit card to access the machine altogether. Oh, how I wish you could simply ask an ATM for money. 

Later, Gorgon (Eme Ikwuakor) is giving his new crew the 411 on Maximus’ forces. You know, the ones Gorgon actually trained that are now serving a false King. His new friends are prepared for anything, and willing to fight alongside him in the name of Black Bolt. Friends have to stick together. 

Then, Maximus (Iwan Rheon) pays Crystal (Isabelle Cornish) a visit. He urges her to speak on his behalf to the Genetic Council. She must proclaim him as the rightful King of Attilan. Of course, Crystal’s knee jerk reaction is to rebuke Maximus. However, Crystal reluctantly comes around, agreeing to “support” his cause. But if he sends out reinforcements to kill her family then he’s a goner. Bye, Maximus, indeed. 

Next, Maximus calls Auran (Sonya Balmores) to discuss her progress in locating Black Bolt. Well, more like lack thereof. Maximus vows to send backup forces to aid her in her mission. Then, he mentions sending the ultimate weapon to end all weapons – one Mortis. Auran is visibly shaken at the mention of the name. However, desperate times call for desperate measures. Auran believes she won’t be able to control this Mortis. Maximus feels this is their only option in capturing the remainder of the royal family. 

Pictured: Sonya Balmores

Then, Maximus meets with Bronaja (Ari Dalbert), the boy who has visions of the future. They stand before a containment cell. However, Bronaja “sees” nothing in regards to opening it. Maximus puts on his King pants and makes an executive decision. After the cell opens, we see a man stride forward. His face is covered with a shield, almost akin to a welder’s mask. The eye slits are glowing. He’s like a poor man’s Iron Man. This is the deadly Mortis. 

Later, we see Auran’s backup forces arriving on Earth, one by one. Last but not least is Mortis. Everyone is visibly shocked at his presence. Time for everyone to play nice!

Meanwhile, Karnak (Ken Leung) is still wandering through the forest, very much lost.  He spots a makeshift cabin in a clearing ahead. Sanctuary at last! Well, almost. A duo of men armed to the teeth with swords barge forward at his arrival. One of them pushes a blade under Karnak’s chin. So much for hello. 

Next, Black Bolt (Anson Mount) is being led through the jail cafeteria, where all eyes are on him. Sammy begins to follow the King of the Inhumans. Ah, now it all makes sense. Dr. Declan wanted Sammy to be his point man in rousing Black Bolt to his cause. 

Later, Medusa is meandering through a cache of lavish residences. She runs through a gate after the owner speeds away in their car. Medusa enters said owner’s house. She finds fruit to munch on and snazzy new clothes to wear. I may start a dream board just so I can put this house on it. Anyway, Medusa peruses a newspaper and finds her husband Black Bolt featured in an article. Then, as fate would have it, the number for a taxi cab is on the refrigerator. Bingo! Now, she has a location for Black Bolt, and transportation. 

Meanwhile, Karnak is tied up inside the tiny cabin, with the pair of men now accompanied by a woman (Jamie Gray Hyder).  They interrogate him on his identity. Karnak reveals very little, only that he’s searching for his King. They think he might be a bit touched. One of the men believes they should kill him. The woman firmly thinks they should release Karnak. However, the final man (and clearly the leader) decides to keep Karnak bound up. 

Then, Black Bolt discovers that Sammy is his cellmate. Sammy begins pestering him with questions – ones that are rather specific in regards to Black Bolt’s Inhuman abilities. Sammy asks Black Bolt if he woke up covered in a crust-like substance (a la Terragenesis). This question arrests Black Bolt’s attention. Sammy tells him that he must find a means to escape. Earth is not safe for Inhumans. In fact, they’re being targeted and thus disappearing. Looks like the King was right in wanting to stay on the Moon after all. 

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Later, Auran and her forces are waltzing through the forest when they stumble upon Gorgon and his. Showdown time! The two teams square off in a fight. We see the Inhumans use their powers against Gorgon’s very much human army. Gorgon and Auran lunge for each other. Then, Mortis is unleashed. He lifts up his mask and a blinding white light shoots forward, decimating everything in its path. So that’s why he wears the mask! How very Cyclops of him. Gorgon urges his team to fall back, and they flee. He knows all too well what Mortis can do. 

Pictured: your new favorite band.

Meanwhile, Karnak is visited by the mysterious woman. She releases him from his bounds, telling him he’s free to go. Karnak has made a decision, one that involves him staying and helping the trio. No, don’t give up, dude! Karnak reveals his insecurities to the woman, and how he’s fearful he’ll never find his family again. Aw, bonding time! Anyway, Karnak stays with the group. Hopefully temporarily. 

Later, Crystal and Maximus are standing before the Genetic Council. Crystal clutches the sheet of paper containing the speech Maximus wrote for her. She commences her speech verbatim with what he wrote. Maximus is pleased at how well she’s complying. Then, she immediately denounces him as King. You go, girl! Crystal uses her freezing powers on the guards and flees. She locates Lockjaw and attempts to rouse him from his slumber. Crystal utilizes her powers to zap him awake. Then, Lockjaw teleports her to Earth. 

Meanwhile, Maximus makes an inspiring speech to the Genetic Council, thereby converting even more of his people to his cause. It now seems the whole of Attilan is perfectly content with an actual human sitting the throne. 

Pictured (L to R): Isabelle Cornish, Iwan Rheon, Ari Dalbert

Next, Black Bolt and Sammy are taken outside for activities time. All the inmates rally around Black Bolt for attacking policemen. Everywhere the man goes, he’s always regarded as a King. Suddenly, a noxious gas spews forth. Everyone begins running for cover. Alarms are sounding. Sammy takes Black Bolt through an alternate route, but one that will ultimately lead to freedom. This was planned all along. 

Then, the pair stops in front of a steel garage door. Sammy places his hands on it and they glow. He’s an Inhuman too! Heat emanates from his palms, thereby melting the door. Sammy reveals that his newfound power unfortunately destroyed his family. Black Bolt is immediately enveloped in a flashback scene. 

In said flashback scene, a young Black Bolt is standing with his parents. His parents are being informed of Black Bolt’s strange gift, and how he can never use his voice again. Of course, we know that he ultimately uses his voice and that’s what kills his parents. 

Then, once outside, Dr. Declan lands in a helicopter and urges the duo to clamber inside. Medusa is dropped off via taxicab at the exterior of the jail. She knocks a guard unconscious and enters through the gate. Unfortunately, she briefly glimpses Black Bolt get inside the helicopter and fly away. Medusa screams his name, utterly distraught that she so narrowly missed him. Then, she notices that reporter Louise, the one dying in anticipation of meeting Black Bolt, was situated outside at the time of the escape. Medusa brandishes her gun and orders Louise to follow the helicopter in her car. Take charge, my Queen!

Later, Crystal arrives in, presumably, Hawaii. It’s the dead of night, and Lockjaw lays down to sleep once more. Crystal tries to wake him, reminding him they must look for their family. Suddenly, a man on a four wheeler plows into Lockjaw’s side and catapults over the large dog, landing behind him. Lockjaw appears to be injured, as he whimpers in pain. Aw, my heart is breaking! That poor puppy! Yes, all dogs are “puppies” regardless of their size. 

Inhumans recouped their efforts after a so-so premiere. Slowly, but surely, the series is finding its footing. However, if the group stays separated for too long and doesn’t eventually rally together to take down Maximus Inhumans might start to falter. But the show is only eight episodes, so I have a feeling we might be seeing a reunion or two in the coming installments. Crystal is by far my favorite, and she appears to actually have her wits about her. She also has the coolest powers. Controlling the elements? Sign me up! Also, Team Lockjaw forever. 

Now, do you think Medusa will be able to chase down Black Bolt? What does Dr. Declan want with Black Bolt, besides potentially offering protection? Will our Inhumans encounter those responsible for making their kind disappear? Will Karnak actually stay with that group? Where will Crystal go next? Join me next week as I continue to recap Inhumans for Geek Girl Authority. 

Inhumans airs Fridays at 9pm on your ABC affiliate. 




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