There is a kind of torture that only those who have run the gauntlet of parenthood can truly understand.  Those poor souls, and The Mandalorian.  It’s the special kind of torment that is bedtime.  And, the Auralnauts have captured it expertly and hilariously in their fan-cut short, Go to Sleep Baby Yoda.  

Baby Yoda is only a toddler by his own standards at 50 years old, but that doesn’t make bedtime any easier.  He can’t stay away from buttons, won’t stay in bed, and absolutely must have a snack before he’ll settle down.  The Mandalorian has to resort to a number of bribes and negotiations just to get his little high-value target to rest his head.  The ultimate tactic to get some peace and quiet in the galaxy is a song that may never leave your head ever again.  It all tracks. 

Whether you’re a parent or a regular citizen who still sleeps or a bounty hunter with a heart of gold, you’ll love Go to Sleep Baby Yoda.  Wait for the bridge.  Wait for it.

The Mandalorian is streaming on Disney+ right now, babies!  Sweet dreams!

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