Since the release of the 2009 title for the 25th anniversary, there has been no game as interesting or as fun as this. But this is set to change. With the recent release of Ghostbusters: Remastered on the 4th October, there has been mixed reception on whether or not it lives up to the original. In this article, we will be looking into whether or not it meets the expectations of the eagerly awaiting audience.

The Build-Up Of Expectation

When the title was announced back in May of this year, there were many that were excited about what the future holds for the game. But with no release date and many questions looming about multiplayer modes and overall storyline, there was a lot to consider. With Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson all lending their voices to the title, this was set to be the perfect sequel to the original films. Though there have been a number of games online such as Ghostbusters slots and the original title in 2009 this modern title was set to be a huge hit upon its release in 2019.

The 35th Anniversary

This game release could not come at a better time for the franchise as the 35th anniversary of the original film is set to be celebrated in July of 2020. Though this title was released on the 4th October 2019, this is the perfect way to start off the celebrations. With high-quality graphics and the perfect recreation of the original film, the film was great for fans looking for some nostalgia. However, for many, the game itself and the storyline was very lacklustre as you were forced to stick to a storyline with no room for movement before battling the final boss.

Though this was acceptable with the original, this slow-moving game mechanic does not lend itself well to the new open-world way of gaming that is seen in other popular titles such as Gears Of War and Tomb raider. For this reason and this reason alone, this title is perhaps not as well-received as the original once was.

The Cast

Though the return of the original cast members is one of its key selling points, there was little done to ensure that the playable character slotted into the dynamic of the existing characters. With many sceptical about how the unnamed recruit that you play as will fit into this dynamic, it was like watching a film. With next to no dialogue from your character and one-liners from all the main characters, this was a gaming experience for the fans. Unfortunately for some, this lacked originality and modern game mechanics that gamers around the world have come to expect leading to a mixed reception upon launch.

However, when asked about the choice of playable character, John Melchior Executive producer of the game has this to say:

“I felt people wanted the characters to have the same chemistry as they did in the films. A pillar was timing. So, by playing a character that had no lines, we were able to craft that timing.”

Though this makes sense when looking to please the fans, this could be a limitation when it comes to overall game mechanics as many felt this created a vacuum of empty space that did not lend itself well.

The Game Mechanics

With this being said, the game run time is only approximately 8 hours meaning that it can be completed in one session with some of the most experienced gamers. Although this is not a sticking point for many, this has left many feeling as though they have lacked potential upon release. However, with the multiplayer mode scheduled at some point in the near future, this game is set to impress many as time goes on and with mixed results, this could make or break the game when it comes to its longevity and its enjoyment among friend groups.

With this in mind, there has been mixed reception regarding the game upon its release. With a lack of multiplayer mode, regimented storyline and quick completion time, this game is definitely worth purchasing for pure nostalgia, rather than brand new game mechanics, making this the perfect game for the fans in its own special way.