Rev up your chainsaws, it’s time for another Sharknado!

The panel for Sharknado 5: Global Swarming shared celebrity cameos, globetrotting plans, and where they really get these bonkers ideas.

A new trailer, available at, shows cities like London, Tokyo, and Rome, along with some hieroglyphics  hinting that this series of shark-infested storms is not the first we’ve seen in all of human history. As star Ian Ziering put it during the panel, this entry will be, “Disasterlicious.”

Director Anthony C. Ferrante returns for the fifth film in the series, and told the audience that he turns to Twitter to steal ideas from fans when he’s stuck. So if you’ve got any shark puns up your sleeve, now’s the time to fish ’em out.

Ferrante added “We don’t hold stuff for the next movie.” This entry also has a new screenwriter, Scotty Mullen, who started taking notes when someone in the crowd asked if there would be zombie sharks at any point, according to the official Twitter recap

There were a few other hints about what’s to come, particularly when franchise regular Cassandra Scerbo mentioned a “sharkzilla,” which I think we can all get on board with. It was also confirmed that her character Nova will have a Wolverine-style claw kill, and that lasers will play a role in battling airborne sharks. 

But what is a Sharknado movie without celebrities of varying levels of fame dying insane deaths? Among the stars slated to appear are, no joke, all of the following:

  • Chris Kattan, as the Prime Minister of England
  • Charo as the Queen of England
  • Bret Michaels
  • Tony Hawk, as a weapons expert
  • Clay Aiken, a tech genius
  • Oliva Newton-John, as a scientist
  • Nichelle Nichols
  • Frankie Muniz
  • Geraldo Rivera
  • Dolph Lundgren
  • Al Roker
  • Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb
  • Dan Fogler
  • Bai Ling
  • Jai Rodriguez
  • And……


And if that’s not enough celebrities for you, the cast already has a wish list for the next film. Series icon Tara Reid would love to have Stiffler (aka Sean William Scott) pop in for a cameo, while Ziering hopes for Bruce Willis, and Ferrante would love Bill Murray to drop in. 

So, any plans for the undoubted sixth sequel? As Reid put it, “There’s no limit to these films.” 

Sharknado 5: Global Swarming premires August 6th on the Syfy Channel.


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