There is a popular misconception about the gamers’ (and generally tech enthusiasts) way of life, thinking and everyday look. Some popular movies from the 80s and 90s tend to depict them in significantly trumped-up fashion. In reality, the gamer clothes can be state-of-the-art convergence between practical design, and unique video game aesthetics. But why still so many people think that, for gamers and programmers, the wardrobe is not an important place to look into?

The pop culture gamer myth

Let’s take a look at the broad cinema depiction of programmers, gamers and so-called hackers. With only a few exceptions, they usually were portrayed as unkempt young individuals, who seemed to care only about their games or lines of code on the computer screen. Their clothes looked as if they’ve not seen ironing for months, and the overall visual message seemed to convey that a gamer or programmer does not care at all about his or her looks.

This portrayal, in many aspects inaccurate and untrue of course, seemed to prevail in pop culture until the beginning of the 21st century, when more and more internet companies, especially around the time of the dotcom bubble, have entered the financial markets. Despite the fact that gamer clothes were not yet invented at the time, the old portrayal of the gaming and software developing community seemed to gradually fade away.

But there are two sides to that coin. The inaccurate portrayal of gamers and tech developers was somewhat changed when such shows as Mr. Robot gained critical acclaim. In this case, the visual portrayal was as minimalist as possible — a black hoodie with the hood itself almost always put on. But this look was not accurate either — it was designed to fit one specific character with antisocial issues, which certainly did not reflect the overall shape of the gamer, “hacker” and tech community.

A fashionable answer to the niche market

Gamer clothes are very specific products, which, in theory are aimed at professional and non-professional gamers. A good case study in this respect are Jay23’s products. They incorporate the game-inspired visual design with purely practical functionality. At the same time, they represent the category of wearable products — IoT devices, which connect to your phone, send various types of data, and let you take control over some features of a particular device.

And in this case, there are plenty of smartphone-controlled features. One of the most important of them is the heating one. Pockets of such Jay23’s products as gaming hoodies are embedded with a special fabric, powered by a rechargeable battery. They provide a constant source of heat for your hands during several hours of continuous use. This feature is customized via a special app on your Android or iOS device. Cold winters are no longer a problem for your hands.

At the same time, the rechargeable battery serves other purposes like smartphone charging. So, if you forgot to take your charger or power bank with you, don’t worry — you’re literally wearing one. Depending on the type of technology implemented in the gamer clothes by the manufacturer, the charging can be done by wireless or traditional means.

Let’s not forget about another important aspect — the practical design. Do you use a wallet? Fine, there’s a special pocket for it. Worried about your sunglasses? Another pocket designed to protect them will do the job. Or maybe you need to carry your Apple Pencil, but don’t want to wear a backpack or hold a suitcase all the time? A pocket designed just for this purpose will make sure that you won’t lose your Pencil. As you can see, it’s the epitome of practical design, able to contain all of the most important everyday objects.

Conclusion — the evolution of gamer clothes

More advanced models of Jay23’s gamer clothes include earphone features — they’re literally embedded into the clothing, making the access to your music even more seamless and elegant. This type of product is constantly refined over time, making it a great purchase not only for gamers, but for all technology fans. After all, is there anyone who wouldn’t use well-designed high-tech solutions?


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