This is fantastic! Geek fashion pioneer Her Universe has launched a Wonder Woman inspired line and the clothes are amazing. With multiple options and so many sizes, you can’t go wrong. These are the clothes you’ll want to rock during the movie premiere. Or any day!

In partnership with DC, Her Universe has offered fans Wonder Woman inspired clothing ranging from jackets to dresses to tank tops. One such items is a golden romper, inspired by her training outfit on Themyscira. Best part? It has pockets! There’s also an star covered ombre hi-lo skirt that glows in the dark. If you really want to scream about how much you love Wonder Woman, never fear. There are two items that rock “Daughters of Themyscira” on them – one of them being a bomber jacket. While the clothes aren’t cheap, they’re extremely well made and very much worth the price tag.

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Into other geekdoms? Her Universe has been offering geek clothes for other franchises such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, Doctor Who and more. Created by actress Ashley Eckstein, the unique geek fashion items have grown in popularity. Hell, I even have the lightsaber skirt and a BB-8 dress. They’re a definite must-see (and own) for geek girls everywhere. And soon the line will be incorporating men’s geek fashion. So look out for that!

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What do you think of the pieces? Are you going to buy any? (I bought the bomber jacket – 0 regrets). Let us know. Check out the promotion video below and buy soon as it’s a limited run!

Erin Lynch