DISCLAIMER: This recap of the A League of Their Own episode “Switch Hitter” has spoilers. Remember, there’s no crying in baseball. Proceed at your peril. 

Welcome back, Rockford Peaches! We’ve reached the halfway point in the first season of A League of Their Own! “Switch Hitter” changes the playing field, literally and figuratively. With Coach Porter’s abrupt departure, the Peaches scramble to find someone to supervise the team. Enter Carson and Lupe, two drastically different personalities who try (and fail) to steer the team in the right direction.

“Switch Hitter” is as ruminative as it is downright entertaining, chock full of action, snappy one-liners and steamy, steamy kisses. 

Ready to delve into “Switch Hitter”? Let’s get to it. 

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Makin’ Out and Playin’ the Field

We open with Carson (Abbi Jacobson) and Greta (D’Arcy Carden) sneaking away to make out whenever possible. These make-out scenes are intercut with moments from the Peaches’ games. Meanwhile, Max (Chanté Adams) receives her first check from the factory while walking through town with Clance (Gbemisola Ikumelo). Max heads home, wherein Toni (Saidah Arrika Ekulona) blatantly ignores her after the last episode’s reveal. On the other hand, Edgar (Alex Désert) shows his daughter love. 

Meanwhile, Carson shows Shirley (Kate Berlant) and Lupe (Roberta Colindrez) the gameplay she created on notecards to help them win their next game. Even Coach Porter (Nick Offerman) seems interested in Carson’s methods. Carson tries to persuade Shirley to switch rooms so she can sleep with Greta. After some finessing, Carson and Greta wind up as roommates. We see the ladies are staying in a convent for this away game. Perfect for sexual escapades!

Clance and Max go to work at the screw factory on A League of Their Own Season 1 Episode 4 "Switch Hitter."

A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN — Gbemisola Ikumelo as Clance Morgan and Chante Adams as Max Chapman — Season 1 Episode 4, “Switch Hitter.” Photo courtesy of Amazon Studios.

Next, Carson and Greta kiss in the privacy of their room. Naturally, as anyone would after a vigorous make-out sesh, their mind wanders to food. The nuns must surely snack on occasion, right? We glimpse into other rooms and the pairings therein, including Jess (Kelly McCormack) with Jo (Melanie Field), Lupe with Esti (Priscilla Delgado) and Maybelle (Molly Ephraim) with Shirley. 

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Greta and Carson find snacks, and we see them laughing together over their findings. They discuss the transcience of their bond. When the season’s over, they’ll surely resume their lives — Carson with Charlie, while Greta and Jo make a beeline for California. Greta also discusses the other women with whom she’s slept. 

Dynamic Duo 

Then, we see Clance work with Max at the screw factory. It’s a great distraction, perfect for taking Clance’s mind off Guy departing for the military. Max approaches the baseball team’s coach while at work and demands he makes time to watch her pitch. The coach reluctantly agrees to see her that Thursday. 

Amid the Peaches’ game, Carson notices someone pull Coach Porter aside. Oh, and he doesn’t return. After the game, Beverly (Dale Dickey) reveals Porter is taking a sabbatical. So, they need an interim coach to serve the team. Carson and Lupe emerge as potential temporary replacements, so Beverly places them in charge. 

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Later, we see Carson and Greta get down and dirty in the convent, a.k.a. God’s vacation home. Hey, the Lord’s cool with it. He wants them to be happy. 

Playing in the Dark

Then, the Peaches play a night game against a team in Kenosha, Wisconsin, who’s well-versed in night games. They utilize the lack of natural light to their advantage, along with the blaring spotlights. Carson and Lupe put their heads together to discover the team’s weak point and address the issue to the umpire. 

Thankfully, our gals beat the Comets, coming in hot after adjusting to their light problem. While on the bus home, Lupe and Jess figure they only need to beat the Blue Sox to win the whole damn thing. Carson sits with Greta, and the two surreptitiously hold hands in the back of the bus. It’s très cute. 

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Meanwhile, Max practices with her father, who notices how fast his daughter’s pitches are. Max has a double-date dinner with Clance and Guy (Aaron Jennings), while Gary (Kendall Johnson) is her date. It’s Guy’s last big dinner before he leaves for basic training. Max lets slip that she’s showcasing her pitching abilities to the coach on Thursday, a.k.a., she’s gunning for Gary’s position. That puts a damper on the evening. 

Later, Max overhears her parents arguing about her. Toni doesn’t want Max to turn out to be “queer,” while Edgar defends his daughter. Before the next game, Jo urges Greta to exercise caution. She might be following the rules, i.e., when it comes to Carson, but she’s not being careful. The situation reminds Jo of Greta’s ex, Dana. 

The Rockford Peaches stand in the locker room before a game on A League of Their Own Season 1 Episode 4 "Switch Hitter."

A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN — Season 1 Episode 4, “Switch Hitter.” Photo courtesy of Amazon Studios.

Nerves Get in the Way

Then, Max puts her pitching skills to the test for the coach. Unfortunately, her nerves get in the way, and her fastballs don’t pan out as planned. Dejected, she heads to Clance’s home, revealing she “messed it up so bad.” Clance reminds her it’s Guy’s last night before basic, so she must direct her attention to her husband. Sorry, Max. 

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Inside, Clance and Guy spend time together, sharing their fears and hopes for the future. Guy is terrified, as would anybody who leaves to fight in a bona fide war. As usual, I find the Max/Clance stories are more captivating. 

Shaw vs. García

Next, we see the Peaches struggle in their latest game. Lupe demands to go on the pitch, but Carson believes Lupe will get hurt. Suddenly, tensions reach a fever pitch between Lupe and Carson, and the pair duke it out on the field. Sure, a fight isn’t productive amid a game, but it’s entertaining as hell. 

After the game and fight with Lupe, Greta pulls away from Carson, spewing some tripe about how “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Max tracks down Carson and reveals what she saw that night in the bar is still fresh in her mind. Thus, she needs Carson to do something for her. So, Carson follows Max off the field to an unknown destination. 

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“Switch Hitter” brings Max and Carson together for what’s sure to be an enthralling experience. Watching two lead characters with vastly different perspectives express their life experiences while moving forward in this discriminatory world will be interesting. What does Max want from Carson? Only time (and required viewing) will tell. 

This episode never lets its foot off the gas regarding essential societal issues while showcasing plenty of lighthearted content, balancing the dark with unbridled levity. It’s a good time, folks.

A League of Their Own Season 1 is now streaming on Prime Video

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