This sends the investigation into a whole new direction, especially in this week’s episode of Only Murders in the Building. Season 3, Episode 9, “Thirty,” is the season’s strongest showing thus far. The penultimate episode is a love letter to our core sleuthing trio as we see them in their element. This series is at its best when it leans on its significant strength: Charles, Mabel and Oliver as an investigative team. 

I also love Mabel’s beautiful character development, which gets much-needed love in this outing. The show digs deep to unearth plenty of heart and biting humor. There’s also an undercurrent of sweetness and wholesomeness, especially where our sleuths are concerned. 

Mabel wears a pink short-sleeved top while standing in Charles' apartment in front of the murder board in Only Murders in the Building Season 3 Episode 9, "Thirty."

ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING Season 3 Episode 9, “Thirty.” Photo credit: Patrick Harbron/Hulu.

I found myself laughing out loud at a handful of quotes this week, so I’ve compiled a list of my favorites. Proceed at your peril, Arconiacs. 

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OLIVER: “Oh, we hooked up. We hooked up big time. We hooked up and down and every which direction. You name a way, we did a hook.”

I bet Mabel (Selena Gomez) regrets asking Oliver (Martin Short) about his relationship status with Loretta (Meryl Streep). She’s left with the indelible image of Oliver and Loretta “hooking up” in all the ways. Up, down, left, right, center, diagonal — I’m sorry. Now, I’m leaving you to picture that. Anyway, Martin Short is funny as hell, especially with this line delivery. (Curse that one article that had everyone defending Short a few weeks ago. He’s a treasure.)

Charles and Mabel sit on his couch in his apartment while looking shocked in Only Murders in the Building Season 3 Episode 9, "Thirty."

ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING Season 3 Episode 9, “Thirty.” Photo credit: Patrick Harbron/Hulu.

CHARLES: “It might work better if the guy carrying the ladder wasn’t also wearing orthopedic shoes and dressed like a leprechaun.” 

Firstly, I love Mabel calling a ladder “the new turkey” in the moment preceding this quote. That’s a nod to “The Sting,” wherein our trio gives Sting a turkey to get him to confess to killing Tim Kono. Secondly, there’s nothing quite like Charles (Steve Martin) and Oliver lovingly insulting each other. For the record, I think Oliver’s ladder scheme worked better than Charles attempting to cry on cue. 

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BEN: “The way you just betrayed me? I’m NoBro. Because I don’t have a brother anymore.”

This line made me giggle despite Ben (Paul Rudd) declaring this to Dickie (Jeremy Shamos) in all seriousness. Ben stole CoBro from Dickie, becoming this character that catapulted his career into the stratosphere. However, Dickie has betrayed him, so Ben’s gone from “CoBro” to “NoBro.” Why? Because he’s got no bro. Harsh. 

Oliver holds a shredded document that's been taped together while standing in Charles' living room in Only Murders in the Building Season 3 Episode 9, "Thirty."

ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING Season 3 Episode 9, “Thirty.” Photo credit: Patrick Harbron/Hulu.

MABEL: “Oh, she’d be horrified. But what the f*ck did she know? She used to shop at Wet Seal.”

Mabel’s arc this season has profoundly resonated with me. She’s now 30 and feels directionless; I’m in my early 30s and also feeling at sea. Mabel considers herself a “late bloomer”; I, too, feel like I’ve bloomed “late” regarding specific events in my life. Plus, the millennial ’90s kid references have my heart. Who didn’t play MASH with their friends? Who didn’t want to marry Josh Hartnett? And who didn’t shop at Wet Seal? I can relate to all of the above. 

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CHARLES: “That’s right, we’re the fathers of the bride.” 

OLIVER: “Oh, that’s fun.”

We finally have a Father of the Bride reference. Huzzah! I love that Only Murders in the Building has nods to our legendary actors’ previous projects. In the case of Father of the Bride, this nod is simultaneously ludicrous, and it makes sense. Hats off to the writers for squeezing it in there. 

What are your favorite quotes from “Thirty”? Sound off in the comments below. 

Only Murders in the Building streams its Season 3 finale, “Opening Night,” on Tuesday, October 3, 2023, only on Hulu

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