DISCLAIMER: This Inhumans recap contains more spoilers than the number of times Black Bolt stares broodily into the distance. Our Inhuman King is a big fan of brooding. You’ve been warned. Prepare for Terragenesis and enter at your own risk. 

Welcome back, residents of Attilan! Inhumans returned to us this week with another eventful installment. There were big improvements for Team Not Maximus! Medusa and Black Bolt were triumphantly reunited. Lockjaw was miraculously healed by a human doctor (see, we’re good for something). Karnak partook in the horizontal tango. Truth be told, he’s probably having the best Earth experience out of all the Inhumans. However, Team Maximus is all about Terragenesis Take Two. Personally, I hope he emerges from said second Terragenesis with an extra toe, or a misshapen pinkie. Hey, a girl can dream. 

Alright, ready to delve into “Make Way for…Medusa?” Be sure to allow Lockjaw some much needed healing time. His teleporting powers get wonky if he’s tired, and you may end up in someplace strange like…Delaware. 

We open with Black Bolt (Anson Mount) and Sammy (Faleolo Alailima) in a helicopter with Dr. Declan (Henry Ian Cusick). Dr. Declan is taking our favorite prison escapees to his lab on a secluded part of the island. Secluded island labs always spell “safe and not dangerous,” am I right? He wants to test on our Inhumans by isolating the genes that allow them to mutate, as it were. Black Bolt reticently agrees to this, as long as the good doctor aids him in finding Medusa. Dr. Declan vows to help in any way he can. 

Meanwhile, Medusa (Serinda Swan) is chasing after the helicopter with Louise (Ellen Woglom) as her chauffeur. She’s regally brandishing her gun in Louise’s direction. Suddenly, police cars are on their tail. Louise is about to pull over when Medusa forces her to keep driving. She runs a red light. Traffic violations are already beginning to pile up. How many Earthly laws can one break for a Moon Queen? We’re about to find out. 

Then, we’re on Attilan with Maximus (Iwan Rheon) and Tibor (Ptolemy Slocum). They discuss Crystal’s denouncing of Maximus and her abrupt departure. Maximus decides to open an old wound by bringing up his failed Terragenesis. Apparently, they were thick as thieves but when Maximus emerged as human, Tibor cut and run. Can’t we just let bygones be bygones?

Pictured: Iwan Rheon

Next, Medusa shoots the cop cars trailing them. Said cars collide with each other, thereby solidifying Medusa as a true bad***. Louise looks as if she’s on the brink of a panic attack. 

Meanwhile, Crystal (Isabelle Cornish) and Dave (Chad James Buchanan), otherwise known as the Dude Who Crashed into Lockjaw. But Dave is easier to type out, so we’ll stick with that. Crystal is on the defensive, poised to strike at a moment’s notice. Dave apologizes for injuring Lockjaw. Crystal demands he take them to a doctor, otherwise she won’t be able to locate her family. He immediately leaves to track down his friend, who just so happens to be a doctor. 

Then, we see Louise pull over in a clearing, far away from the authorities. Here she discovers Medusa’s true identity when she finds the latter staring longingly at the Moon. Yes Louise, Moon People are real. Louise reveals that she sent a rover to the Moon for exploration purposes. Said rover bumped into an invisible presence…well, technically Gorgon kicked it with his hoof. Everything is connected!

Next, Sammy and Black Bolt meet with Dr. Declan after a round of initial testing. Dr. Declan is beside himself when he discovers Black Bolt’s seemingly perfect DNA. No anomalies or abnormalities. Perfection at its finest. He’s like Mary Poppins – practically perfect in every way. However, Black Bolt is insistent on Dr. Declan aiding him in finding Medusa. 

Later, we see Dr. Declan step outside his office for a phone call. Maximus is on the other end of the call. Now he knows exactly where Black Bolt is. Dr. Declan expresses his excitement at his discovery, which tells me he doesn’t know who Maximus truly is. Maximus urges the doctor to kill Black Bolt. Such a powerful being can only serve as a threat to humankind. However, the good doctor informs him that cellular structure changes upon death, so keeping Black Bolt alive is essential. Well that and Medusa would kill you, dude. 

Then, Karnak (Ken Leung) is teaching Jen (Jamie Gray Hyder) a thing or two about farming. Harvesting crops isn’t a natural process on the Moon, but Karnak is a connoisseur at it. Reno (Michael Trotter) stands off to the side, observing the pair. He’s conferring with their third colleague. Methinks Reno may be jealous of how quickly Jen has taken a liking to Karnak. That’s because Karnak is the boss, applesauce. 

Meanwhile, Gorgon (Eme Ikwuakor) and his crew are still attempting to get as far away from Auran as possible. They’ve experiencing a casualty and Gorgon is taken aback by how much this affects him. He’s grown fond of his little motley crew. He reminds them of Mordis also being among Auran’s ranks, and just how dangerous that is. 

Later, Medusa and Louise find a hotel room to hunker down in. Louise is utilizing her super space skills to track down the helicopter via satellite. Science is fun. Medusa’s paranoia sets in as she feverishly checks the windows for any sign the police will discover them. Louise admits to the Attilan Queen of her single status. She enjoys her independence. Medusa takes a trip to Flashback Land and we see a younger version of herself with a young Crystal. They’re strolling the halls of the palace after the deaths of their parents. All eyes are trained on them. However, Medusa urges Crystal to pay them no heed. Us girls have to stick together. 

Pictured: Ellen Woglom and Serinda Swan

Suddenly, police cars swerve into the hotel parking lot. Uh oh. Time to get a move on! Medusa and Louise spring into action, enacting a plan to avoid police detection. 

Then, we see Maximus meeting with the Genetic Council. He questions whether his initial Terragenesis might have been a mistake. Perhaps second time’s the charm. Tibor assures him that Terragenesis is infallible. Maximus drives his point home. If humans are changing, why can’t he? Maybe with Declan’s work he can isolate their mutating gene and use it for himself. That way when he undergoes Terragenesis for a second time, he’ll transform as he should have in the first place. Maximus asks for the Genetic Council’s permission to embark on a second Terragenesis. Tibor refuses to offer said permission, saying the process could be life threatening. You just got shut down, son. 

Meanwhile, Medusa and Louise make a hasty exit outside the hotel. However, as they clamber down the stairs Louise realizes she left something of great value in the hotel room. Medusa vows to retrieve it, as she’s much faster than her human companion. Once she grabs the object, she reunites with Louise outside the hotel. Louise nicked two wide brimmed hats for their disguises. Then, they proceed to bicker over the object’s importance and how “hangry” Louise is. Louise just might be my favorite character, and this blossoming friendship is the best thing about Inhumans. Hands down.

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Later, Dave takes Crystal back to his farm. Dave’s doctor friend Audrey (Liv Hewson) arrives on the scene. The tension is palpable between Dave and Audrey, and we discover they recently split. Audrey works her magic on Lockjaw, but advises Crystal to allow him some time to rest. Dave keeps periodically sneaking glances in Crystal’s direction, and I already know these two will do the deed. Or at least snog. 

Then, while eating the best burgers of their lives, Medusa and Louise finally pinpoint the location of the helicopter containing Black Bolt. That’s a win for Team Not Maximus! However, Medusa escapes with Louise’s laptop while the latter’s back is turned. 

Burgers are the key to closing the great divide.

Meanwhile, Auran (Sonya Balmores) contacts Maximus regarding Black Bolt’s location. Maximus orders Auran to capture, but not kill. His brother is needed for Maximus’ second Terragenesis. Auran does as she’s bid. 

Later, Jen takes Karnak to a secluded swimming area and secluded swimming area music begins to play. She quickly casts aside her clothes and dives into the ocean waves. Karnak obediently obliges, following her in. They share a smooch, and I quickly realized Karnak is having the best time ever. Once again, Reno observes from the shadows. Jealous much?

Then, Louise catches up with Medusa, who has the former’s laptop in hand. She convinces the Inhuman Queen to allow her to drive them to Black Bolt’s location. Walking is not something a Queen does. Medusa reluctantly relents, and once again Louise is a winner. 

Next, Gorgon declares his intention of striking out alone to his new crew. He hopes to backtrack to where it all began – the beach where Lockjaw deposited him. Then, if he can find Karnak he’ll be square. He urges the crew to stand clear, as he doesn’t want to lose them too. 

Pictured: Eme Ikwuakor

Meanwhile, Black Bolt and Sammy discover a plethora of poison in the lab. Dr. Declan had every intention of poisoning our Inhumans. Now, more than ever, is the time to escape…again. 

Later, Maximus gathers the Genetic Council together. His guards begin to beat said Council within an inch of their lives, dragging them off into captivity. Maximus staged this coup with the help of Tibor, who betrayed the Council for Maximus. Maximus loves a good coup. Then, we see Maximus approach the Terragenesis spot with a crystal in hand. Uh oh. Time for Take Two. 

Next, Sammy and Black Bolt escape the lab successfully. Well, almost. They run into Auran and her cohorts. Sammy is able to flee safely. Black Bolt spots Mordis. Auran claims to know where Medusa is, and if Black Bolt goes with her in obedience, then his wife will go on living. Ultimatums are fun! Then, Black Bolt causes a gas leak in a nearby tank, thus creating a safeguard against Mordis and his power. If his heat rays latch on to said gas, then an explosion is inevitable. Good thinking!

Suddenly, Auran orders Mordis to use his power on Black Bolt. Just in the nick of time, Medusa and Louise come speeding into view. Medusa opens her car door. Said door smacks into Mordis, who goes flying into the gas tank. His shield is lifted, which causes his heat rays to inadvertently spur an explosion. Bodies are scattered everywhere. Black Bolt scans the wreckage for survivors. However, he spots Medusa and that search is over. 

The two reunite with swelling music akin to a sweeping, epic romance. All is right in the world. Our royal couple discovers one of Auran’s lackeys is stirring. They shove her into Louise’s car trunk to help them locate the remainder of their family. Then, the quartet speeds off into the distance. 

Lastly, Karnak and Jen are in her tent getting it on. Finally! More happiness for Team Not Maximus. As they revel in some good ol’ fashioned fun, we see Reno is digging a grave. The very much dead body of Jen and Reno’s colleague lies next to the newly formed grave. Uh oh. We have a killer on our hands. 

Inhumans manages to cram so much into 41 minutes, that sometimes I forget the episodes are only 41 minutes. Sometimes the multiple story lines can feel convoluted, although I realize their necessity. However, there are four episodes remaining. At some point said story lines need to converge. We’re already starting to see evidence of this with Black Bolt and Medusa’s reunion. How sweet was that? Side note: Anson Mount continues to steal the show with his nonverbal acting. As does Ellen Woglom with her portrayal of Louise. 

Do you think Maximus will undergo a second Terragenesis, and will he emerge unscathed? Will he possess an actual Inhuman ability? Can Crystal coerce Lockjaw into finding the rest of her family? Will Gorgon be able to retrace his steps without running into Auran? Join me next week as I recap another episode of Inhumans, here at Geek Girl Authority. 

Inhumans airs Fridays at 9pm on your ABC affiliate.