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Geek Girl Authority has a simple mission: to provide a fun, welcoming space for good ol’ fashioned nerdy fun within the Geek Culture and Popular Culture Universes. Though, as the name implies, we were founded by females, we are by no means exclusive. Our staff and regular contributors include both men and women and we seek out and encourage a variety of voices for the site and benefit greatly from those varied perspectives. All we ask is that they be as giddy as our founders about geeking out on just about everything. We encourage passion, knowledge and conversation on the topics which are so important to all of us.

So, come nerdly masses of men and women, boys and girls, aliens and droids! Come play with us and enjoy our silliness, our science and our kick ass fandom!

Geek Girl Authority

Audrey Kearns – Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Publisher

Claudia Dolph – Co-Founder, Senior Contributor

Stephanie Cookies – Editor, Senior Contributor

Jenny Flack – Co-Founder, Contributor

Matt Key – Senior Contributor


Stephanie Bramson – Contributor

Missy Dawes – Contributor

Carolyn Ducker – Contributor

Paul Feldman – Contributor

Rob Fenimore – Contributor

Netta Bear – Contributor

K.P. Hart – Contributor

Jessica HutchinsonContributor

Leona Laurie – Contributor

Renee Lopez – Contributor

Erin Lynch – Contributor

Jess Marsh – Contributor

Sarah Matthews – Contributor

Chris Morris – Contributor

Kimberly Pierce – Contributor

Angie Rumpf – Contributor

Matt Reed Contributor

Adam Sullivan – Contributor

Jennifer Arterbury, Jeff Holmes – Web Design





Hey lovers of all things geeky! We’re looking for new contributors to Geek Girl Authority. We’re looking for coverage in all areas including breaking news, science, reviews, interviews, op-ed pieces and ESPECIALLY television recaps. We love folks with a strong point a view, geek knowledge, pop culture knowledge and an over-joyous interest in their favorite television shows, movies, literature, web content and podcasts.

We’re a small but well-read website just-a-boostin’ our signal so there is no pay at this time but we can guarantee fun times and visibility. If interested, please email geekgirlauthority@gmail.com with your area(s) of interest and a writing sample (or link to a sample of your work).

Live long and prosper.

Audrey Kearns
Founder, Editor-in-Chief



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