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  • Classic Film Through a Feminist Lens: PEEPING TOM

    Classic Film Through a Feminist Lens: PEEPING TOM

    At the time of its 1960 release, the British horror movie Peeping Tom found itself largely ignored by critics. Rather, another little horror film called Psycho hit theaters mere months later, and became a hit with critics and audiences alike. While Peeping Tom isn’t as well known as the Alfred Hitchcock classic, the little horror film proves itself a well-crafted, but uncomfortable study in not only horror, but also gender and perspective. Peeping Tom follows timid photographer Mark Lewis (Karlheinz Böhm) as he makes his […]

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  • Adam Warlock Was In Original Drafts of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL.2

    Adam Warlock Was In Original Drafts of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL.2

    Y’heard right friends. The man originally known simply as “Him” and then went on to take the name Adam Warlock was in the original scripts for Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2. And you know that you can trust this because it came from the writer/director/man himself, James Gunn. As he told Slashfilm, “I love Adam Warlock. He’s one of my favorite characters. In all truth, I wrote an early treatment where I had Adam Warlock as a part…this is […]

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  • Movie Review – THE DISCOVERY

    Movie Review – THE DISCOVERY

    THIS ROBERT REDFORD FILM WAS ACCEPTED INTO SUNDANCE… The Discovery by Paul Preston The Movie Guys The new Netflix film, The Discovery, has an absolutely jackpot of a concept. Robert Redford’s character, Thomas Harbor discovers scientific proof of an afterlife. Harbor has found a way to measure subatomic wavelengths that exi the body upon death. But where do they go? What do they become? In the opening scene, Mary Steenburgen’s reporter character presses him on his theory and the fallout […]

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    David Brent: Life on the Road by Paul Preston The Movie Guys The Office’s biggest tool is back! David Brent has left the uncomfortable confines of Wernham-Hogg and is now on the road to achieve the dream of being a rock star. He brings with him his signature gift of taking a joke awkwardly too far, offending someone without knowing it and failing to save face when he realizes it. Life on the Road begins with Brent back in another […]

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  • Bite-Sized Movie Review – POWER RANGERS

    Bite-Sized Movie Review – POWER RANGERS

    **Minor spoilers included – but let’s face it, there aren’t going to be a ton of earth-shattering surprises in here 🙂 The trailer looked okay though it seemed like a cross between the Breakfast Club and Transformers (something unanimously resonating across critical reviews everywhere, and for good reason). In the end it was quite unexpectedly enjoyable. It didn’t carry the same cheese levels of the series but instead firmly planted itself somewhere between “sure, we’ll accept these kids are misfits but […]

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  • Movie Review – BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

    Movie Review – BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

    TALE AS OLD AS 1991 Beauty and the Beast by Paul Preston The Movie Guys This movie had no shot. If you’re going to remake the 1991 classic Disney animated film, Beauty and the Beast, a Best Picture nominee and industry game-changer, you can ask of the movie a question that can get answered two ways. Neither is a win. “Are you going to stay true to the original?” NO – Why would you mess with it? It was all […]

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  • Movie Review – KONG: SKULL ISLAND

    Movie Review – KONG: SKULL ISLAND

    NOT HIDDLESTON’S BEST BOND AUDITION Kong: Skull Island by Paul Preston The Movie Guys I guess twelve years is long enough for a franchise to go nowadays before it gets picked up and churned out again. Marvel only let The Hulk fester for five years between Ang Lee and Louis Letterier’s different iterations of the radiated humanoid. The result was a marked upgrade and a decent entry into the newly-launched Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kong: Skull Island is Warner Brothers and […]

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  • Movie Review – FIST FIGHT

    Movie Review – FIST FIGHT

    LIKE SCHOOL ON SATURDAY Fist Fight by Paul Preston The Movie Guys Missed opportunity. Fist Fight is one of those comedies that has nothing. Often. So it substitutes with swearing and odd behavior, as if shocking or being eccentric can make up for a lack of subsantial comedy moments. It doesn’t. Charlie Day plays Andy Campbell, an English teacher who is slogging through day after day of a high school overrun with attitude-filled students who are straight-up jerks. Few to […]

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  • Marilyn Monroe in Don’t Bother to Knock

    Classic Film Through a Feminist Lens: DON’T BOTHER TO KNOCK

    Marilyn Monroe spent most of her short career playing a specific type of character. A darling of 1950s cinema, Monroe typically played showgirls, usually with varying amounts of gold-digging ditziness. Fairly early in her career, she broke from type in her portrayal of Nell the unhinged baby-sitter in Don’t Bother to Knock. The film is a tense noir thriller. Interestingly, the movie reflects not only the stereotypical gendered problems of the 1950s, but at the same time features an accurate depiction of the societal conflicts […]

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    Every so often a horror movie comes along which takes the often conventional genre, and up’s its’ filmic game. Readers who don’t keep up with the Hollywood “trades” might have not heard about The Belko Experiment. The small budget horror film has been quietly making its’ way through the film festival circuit. It premiered in theaters this week, opening opposite Beauty and the Beast. The Belko Experiment easily tight ropes the often complicated line separating comedy and intense gore horror. It’s a fun, and often cringe inducing watch, […]

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      JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 2 There are few action movies that display such a unique style when it comes to delivering head-exploding thrills. John Wick 2 was excellent. It’s a stylish action movie with some remarkable layers of greek mythology woven throughout, so much so that I had to go back and rewatch the first one to see what I so blatantly missed the first time around. Reeves commits to the role and the fight/gunplay choreography is among the best […]

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  • Movie Review – LOGAN

    Movie Review – LOGAN

    LOGAN RUNS Logan by Paul Preston The Movie Guys Halfway through Logan, James Mangold’s take on the last adventures of Wolverine, elderly Charles Xavier is in a hotel room, hiding out from those who would like to end mutant-kind once and for all. He sits in the room with Laura, a young mutant, something he and Wolverine were not prepared to see again, and he watches Shane, the enduring Alan Ladd/Jack Palance western. This is fitting because Logan is very […]

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  • Movie Review – TABLE 19

    Movie Review – TABLE 19

    19 QUESTIONS FOR TABLE 19 Table 19 by Paul Preston The Movie Guys Before I ask these questions, let me…um…set the table for you. In Table 19, Anna Kendrick is Eloise, a young lady who’s broken up with the guy who will be Best Man at her best friend Francie’s wedding. So, she can’t go to the wedding ‘cause she’ll risk seeing her ex, right? But she goes anyway, ‘cause it is her best friend, after all. But upon arriving, […]

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  • Movie Review – GET OUT

    Movie Review – GET OUT

    …AND SEE IT Get Out by Paul Preston The Movie Guys There’s a reason Jordan Peele’s feature film directorial debut Get Out has a near-unanimous critic rating – it’s entertaining as hell! If you like a smart thriller, Peele’s script is surprisingly dense with details that all add up to something. If you like to just sit back and enjoy the jolts of a horror/thriller, Get Out certainly delivers authentic mystery in its first half, and tension-filled suspense in its […]

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  • 20TH CENTURY WOMEN – Sound and Vision

    20TH CENTURY WOMEN – Sound and Vision

    KISS THEM FOR ME 20th Century Women – Sound and Vision Review by Mary Gent The Movie Guys About halfway through 20th Century Women, a melancholy but insistent guitar chord comes in, followed by a piano playing a harmonic version of the chords. Almost untuned, driving us into a pivotal scene. A moment where Jamie, (the phenomenal Lucas Jade Zumann) asks Abbie (Greta Gerwig) to take him to the club she frequents in Santa Barbara. She stares at him with a […]

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