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    Every so often a horror movie comes along which takes the often conventional genre, and up’s its’ filmic game. Readers who don’t keep up with the Hollywood “trades” might have not heard about The Belko Experiment. The small budget horror film has been quietly making its’ way through the film festival circuit. It premiered in theaters this week, opening opposite Beauty and the Beast. The Belko Experiment easily tight ropes the often complicated line separating comedy and intense gore horror. It’s a fun, and often cringe inducing watch, […]

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      JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 2 There are few action movies that display such a unique style when it comes to delivering head-exploding thrills. John Wick 2 was excellent. It’s a stylish action movie with some remarkable layers of greek mythology woven throughout, so much so that I had to go back and rewatch the first one to see what I so blatantly missed the first time around. Reeves commits to the role and the fight/gunplay choreography is among the best […]

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  • Movie Review – LOGAN

    Movie Review – LOGAN

    LOGAN RUNS Logan by Paul Preston The Movie Guys Halfway through Logan, James Mangold’s take on the last adventures of Wolverine, elderly Charles Xavier is in a hotel room, hiding out from those who would like to end mutant-kind once and for all. He sits in the room with Laura, a young mutant, something he and Wolverine were not prepared to see again, and he watches Shane, the enduring Alan Ladd/Jack Palance western. This is fitting because Logan is very […]

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  • Movie Review – TABLE 19

    Movie Review – TABLE 19

    19 QUESTIONS FOR TABLE 19 Table 19 by Paul Preston The Movie Guys Before I ask these questions, let me…um…set the table for you. In Table 19, Anna Kendrick is Eloise, a young lady who’s broken up with the guy who will be Best Man at her best friend Francie’s wedding. So, she can’t go to the wedding ‘cause she’ll risk seeing her ex, right? But she goes anyway, ‘cause it is her best friend, after all. But upon arriving, […]

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  • Movie Review – GET OUT

    Movie Review – GET OUT

    …AND SEE IT Get Out by Paul Preston The Movie Guys There’s a reason Jordan Peele’s feature film directorial debut Get Out has a near-unanimous critic rating – it’s entertaining as hell! If you like a smart thriller, Peele’s script is surprisingly dense with details that all add up to something. If you like to just sit back and enjoy the jolts of a horror/thriller, Get Out certainly delivers authentic mystery in its first half, and tension-filled suspense in its […]

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  • 20TH CENTURY WOMEN – Sound and Vision

    20TH CENTURY WOMEN – Sound and Vision

    KISS THEM FOR ME 20th Century Women – Sound and Vision Review by Mary Gent The Movie Guys About halfway through 20th Century Women, a melancholy but insistent guitar chord comes in, followed by a piano playing a harmonic version of the chords. Almost untuned, driving us into a pivotal scene. A moment where Jamie, (the phenomenal Lucas Jade Zumann) asks Abbie (Greta Gerwig) to take him to the club she frequents in Santa Barbara. She stares at him with a […]

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    LIVING IN OBLIVION I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore by Paul Preston The Movie Guys If it feels like it’s been seventeen plus years since you’ve seen a brand new ‘90s movie, well…the math adds up. But fear not, Netflix is here with a new film that just won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance, I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore, and it has the characters, plot and independent feel to put you right […]

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  • Movie Review – THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE

    Movie Review – THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE

    BAT-SHIT CRAZY The Lego Batman Movie by Paul Preston The Movie Guys Batman is ripe for satire. Not just general superhero satire, but satire of the Batman himself – the orphaning, the solitude, the butler, the gadgets, the whole deal. After getting a good taste of Batman jokes in 2014’s The Lego Movie, the studio and team behind that film have branched out to give the caped crusader his own adventure. So now we have The Lego Batman Movie. Too […]

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  • OSCAR WEEK PROFILE: Denis Villeneuve & Jeff Nichols

    OSCAR WEEK PROFILE: Denis Villeneuve & Jeff Nichols

    A PROPER INTRODUCTION Oscar Week Profile: Denis Villeneuve & Jeff Nichols by Paul Preston The Movie Guys “You think I’m crazy? Well, listen up, there’s a storm coming like nothing you’ve ever seen, and not a one of you is prepared for it.” – Michael Shannon, Take Shelter. Jeff Nichols has this melancholy inside of him. This reticent struggle that is seen through the eyes of his main character. Usually a loner. A broken man. But a real man. One […]

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  • HOLLYWOOD - FEBRUARY 20:  A display case is seen full of Oscar statues February 20, 2004 in Hollywood, California. These are the Oscar statuettes that will be handed out on February 29 at the 76th Academy Awards ceremony and will be on display at the Hollywood & Highland entertainment complex.  (Photo by Carlo Allegri/Getty Images)

    Oscar Rant 2017

    Oscar Rant 2017 (Honoring the films of 2016) Rant by Paul Preston The Movie Guys Don’t be fooled by the phrase “2016 was not a good year for movies”. Chances are that’s on you. Last year, did you see Suicide Squad, but miss The Nice Guys? On you. Did you see Independence Day: Resurgence but forgot to go see the much more unique and clever Hardcore Henry? You. In 2017, consider taking that risk on the lesser-known film with good […]

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  • Movie Review – JACKIE

    Movie Review – JACKIE

    IF EVER I WOULD LEAVE YOU… Jackie by Paul Preston The Movie Guys When Natalie Portman first appears on screen in the Jacqueline Onassis film, Jackie, she’s so affected in her voice and demeanor, I found it difficult to get close to her. That may be the trick. Jackie O. has been described as one of the least known well-known people in American public life. But stick with Portman’s performance, I found it off-putting at first, but the ultimate result […]

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  • Hollywood’s Backloading Problem

    Hollywood’s Backloading Problem

    Hollywood’s Backloading Problem by Paul Preston The Movie Guys Backloading. You rarely hear the word used. Mostly you hear about frontloading, but backloading is exactly what Hollywood is doing with its most promising movies, and I don’t think the process is helping the average viewer any. Let me set the stage. Twenty-five years ago, the Best Picture winner, The Silence of the Lambs, came out in February. Since then, a movie released before summer hasn’t gone on to win Best […]

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  • Movie Review – SPLIT

    Movie Review – SPLIT

    WE LOVED IT Split by Paul Preston The Movie Guys M. Night Shyamalan’s latest film is a bonafide hit. Split is finding a big audience, but is the latest from the director of The Happening and After Earth worth the applause? The answer is a confident YES! I risk repeating something I’m sure I said in my review of The Visit, but Shyamalan’s teaming with producer and low-budget horror king Jason Blum is the wisest move of his career. Shyamalan […]

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  • Movie Review – GOLD

    Movie Review – GOLD

    YOU’RE INDESTRUCTIBLE Gold by Paul Preston The Movie Guys I’ll admit I have a thing for white-people-getting-into-outrageous-trouble movies. The Wolf of Wall Street, The Hangover, put either of those films in front of me any day of the week. Gold, the latest from Matthew McConaughey and Oscar-winning Traffic screenwriter Stephen Gaghan, shoots for such outrageousness. It never quite gets there, but achieves a moment or two along the way. McConaughey plays Kenny Wells, the inheritor of a mining company from […]

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  • Movie Review – HIDDEN FIGURES

    Movie Review – HIDDEN FIGURES

    ROCKET WOMEN Hidden Figures by Paul Preston The Movie Guys The three lead characters of Theodore Melfi’s new drama Hidden Figures are already starting below scratch in 1961 by being both black and women. From this underprivileged position, they attempt to make a name for themselves at NASA during America’s development of the Apollo space missions. The result is a wholly likeable movie with vibrant lead performances. Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and singer Janelle Monae play Katherine G. Johnson, […]

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