Dying is hard sometimes.  Sometimes you end up waking up as a vampire, a mummy, a werewolf, a ghost and the more likely…a zombie.   In non zombie times, there is a legal document called DNR (Do Not Resuscitate), during zombie times, you need a KiB (Kill if Bitten).  A DNR basically ensures that if a person does not want CPR or Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLF), then they have the legal right to have these life saving methods withheld and have a natural death.

A KiB is similar to a DNR. It tells people around you that you don’t want to become a living dead, just dead.  They of course will have to do this by lopping off your head but that is what friends are for right? During the zombie apocalypse, legal proceedings may not be as formal as they are now, but you still need to communicate your wishes to those around you.  Most people carry a legal document with them stating their wishes in regards to DNR, but others will take it a step further with something more permanent.  During the zombie invasion, it might be more difficult to just get by with a piece of paper, so other means of communication will have to do.  One way is to wear jewellery that has KiB prominently displayed or you can take a step further and get  a tattoo of KiB.

Sometimes preparing for the zombie apocalypse is harder than we think and contemplating actually becoming a zombie is not something I want to imagine!

Big thanks to my friend Ralffie who helped me come up with this!! He doesn’t want to be a zombie either!

~Kim Price

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