It’s snowing, there is ice all around and the temperatures are dropping like panties at a Kiss concert.  The good news is, the zombies are very slow, if they are even moving at all.  The bad news is you are in real danger of losing a toe or two to things other than zombie.  That bitch frostbite!  I have the perfect solution, BUNNY BOOTS!

I wore these amazing footsie warmers when I was in the Air Force and believe me, when you are sitting in a foxhole at 2 a.m. in -5 F, you notice when you feet are cold.  With these puppies, or bunnies, your toes are kept toasty warm. Here are some facts and instructions about the mammals on your feet!

  • There are two types of boots, both rated for -20 F, the black ones are affectionately called Mickey Mouse boots have an oil/diesel resistant rubber.  The white, “bunny boots” are a little bigger and heavier with extra insulation
  • You should only wear one pair of wool socks with your boots
  • There is a valve on the side of the boot. It is there to release pressure inside the boot when flying or at high altitudes.  You should keep the valve closed under normal circumstances.  DO NOT INFLATE your boots!!
  • The boot works because the insulation is sealed between two water tight rubber layers.  There is never a liner to get wet!
  • If your boots get damaged, all you need is a tire repair kit or some silicon sealant!

If you want to dress your bunny boots up a bit, you can always add some colored laces to make a perfect statement!

~Kim Price

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