This recap contains spoilers for the Zombie Land Saga Revenge episode “The Greatest SAGA in History.”

Would you believe the last episode of Zombie Land Saga starts with someone barging into an emergency services meeting? Oh, and it’s called “The Greatest SAGA in History.” Let no one ever accuse Zombie Land Saga Revenge’s writers of being too humble. The barger-in is Kotaro, of course. He loudly demands that power be restored to Saga as soon as possible. Not just for the obvious reasons, but also so Franchouchou can put on a charity concert. It’d be easy to wave this off as a joke. But regional pride has been a big part of Zombie Land Saga, since day one. Kotaro is deadly serious. He does actually get the prefecture’s governor to listen to him, against all odds.

March 8th

Saki at the radio station - Zombie Land Saga Revenge season 2 episode 12

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A plea from Saki, via the radio, to the people of Saga makes up the remainder of the first third of “The Greatest SAGA in History”. We aren’t shown the nitty-gritty. We are though certainly told about word of Franchouchou’s charity concert reaching every corner of Japan. It’s all to make room for the real meat of the episode. The vast majority of “The Greatest SAGA in History” is less like most other anime and more like a concert film. If you’ve watched enough Zombie Land Saga Revenge to be sold on the idea of Franchouchou as idols, you won’t be disappointed here.

Franchouchou performing - Zombie Land Saga Revenge season 2 episode 12

They kill it, performing three numbers in full in “The Greatest SAGA in History”‘s final 15 or so minutes. (And consequently, those of Zombie Land Saga Revenge itself.) The sight of the entire prefecture coming together is like little else in anime this year. 

Zombie Land Saga Revenge

This does leave us with a few loose ends, though. “The Greatest SAGA in History” is dotted with a few bits of foreshadowing that imply that Franchouchou’s story is far from over. There’s the girls themselves saying as much when they talk to Kotaro.

Franchouchou backstage - Zombie Land Saga Revenge season 2 episode 12

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There’s also Kotaro’s apparent ailing health, and the episode’s post-credits sequence, where what can only be described as a UFO fires a beam at the city below.

It would seem that Saga has not broken its curse just yet. A third season seems likely, given all this. An October concert by the real Franchouchou, a group consisting of the characters’ VAs, seems to imply that more information is forthcoming. Zombie Land Saga Revenge itself saw a number of delays due to world events. If that can’t kill this franchise, nothing can.

Ultimately, it seems likely that we’ll be seeing Franchouchou again. “The Greatest SAGA in History”, it seems fair to say, is not over just yet.

See you next season, anime fans.

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