Zack Snyder is trying his best to win over fans as of late. So much so that he keeps giving us tastes of the upcoming Justice League movie. With this 5 second clip, he just showed us Aquaman in his home of Atlantis. Honestly, it’s pretty cool.

Justice League is currently being edited and today was Zack Snyder’s birthday! So what does he do? Why he shares a clip of the film! We get to see how the Atlanteans move under water as well as what their kingdom looks like. While Aquaman’s own film is currently in development, Snyder gets a word and visual in first. The ocean looks vast and full of life. We even get a glimpse at another Atlantean, possibly his half-brother, Orm!

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Check out the quick clip and let us know what you think! Justice League will be in theaters November 17th!

Erin Lynch