If you’re like me, you spend a stupid amount of time on YouTube. And we all know the habit of stumbling onto new YouTubers unexpectedly while video hopping late at night. Which is exactly how I found the YouTuber Laurasalwayspottering (Laura) about 2 years ago.

As you can guess, Laura’s YouTube channel is primarily all about Harry Potter. There’s a huge variety of videos from merchandise hauls, vlogs covering Harry Potter events, and vlogs like her most recent: “Spilling the tea on growing up a fangirl”. There’s plenty of content from the past 3 years to check out and Laura’s pretty active in posting new videos on weekly basis as well.

The first video I found was a Harry Potter collection video and that really caught my interest. She has a huge collection that’s situated throughout her room and it’s only growing! Every few months she’ll post an update on her collection, going over new things that have been added and often many items that she’s included in past videos. It’s really cool to see such a huge collection that’s been amassed across her whole life and how it continues to grow.

Apart from collection videos, there are plenty of vlogs that are really great! Some of these include taking Harry Potter related quizzes, hosting a recent meetup in early August 2017 in London with a few other prominent Harry Potter YouTubers, and discussing different characters and her take on them.

Aside from the content of her videos, Laura seems like a genuinely nice person and her personality shines through on her channel. She’s super passionate about Harry Potter and that is displayed in every video that she posts; whether it’s discussing how many copies of the books she has on her shelf to showing simple DIY projects for viewers to make their own Elder Wand.

All in all, I’d really suggest checking out Laura’s channel if you’re a Harry Potter fan whose interested in a new YouTuber who loves the series a ton. You’re sure to find at least a video or two that you’ll dig!